We miss you HateLesS

Good day my fellow saddened and humbled capsuleers. I would like to suggest a Hateless ship skin series. Maybe proceeds can go to his survivors and his favorite charities. Please, Please, Please, do this. :cry:


What happened? Survivors??? I know he stopped producing content for a while but did something happen?

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According to what I’ve read on reddit he died while riding his motorcycle when a drunk driver crashed into him.


Is this really true or is this like …a rumor? Or seriously is this confirmed?

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Its been confirmed


Sxxx!!! Nice guy it seemed. Great content. Serious loss for the community.

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Are you guys trolling? This is pretty serious news.

No trolling

RIP HateLesShateless

HateLesS Vigil in MJ-5F9 (Fortizar) 2. April at 22:00 eve time

It sucks that a young EVE player died so suddenly, but if you make special in-game items for one such tragic person, you’ll have to make them for others too, and that would be a considerable commitment.

This isn’t necessarily an argument for that it shouldn’t be done, but bringing up the point that it’s likely to lead to a lot of drama in the future.

HateLesS was particularly notable because such a large portion of the players know him or at least of him due to his long-running YouTube channel.

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Rest in Piece Hateless!

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Wow. Are you serious? I remember in corp you saying you hated this guy on numerous occasions. You can’t even let it go after his tragic death. Shame on you.

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I most definitely did not. Do you have any proof of this?

Hateless was hardly a topic of conversation in RIOT, let alone “on numerous occasions.” In fact I didn’t even think about him as anything more than background noise until Hawk’s Orcageddon around late October/November, which was a time when most of us stopped logging in/being active due to repeated HQ take-downs by BLACKFLAG. Case in point, the only time such conversations could’ve taken place was in November, during a period of time when you went AWOL:

This is all aside from the fact that it’s perfectly acceptable to “hate” a player. Hating someone as a player doesn’t mean that you hate them as a person, or wish them to suffer harm in real life. I’m sure you remember how RIOT’s conversations were dominated by hate for various BLACKFLAG. members, and their group as a whole.

So I have no idea why you’re showing up out of nowhere to grasp at some straws, but I guess something must’ve put a bee in your bonnet. Perhaps you’re just cranky because no one’s fed you a marauder kill in a while?

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I agree with this sentiment, over the past 20 yrs…13 of which I have been part of this community there have been some other notable persons that died in tragic circumstances. For me the most notable was VileRat(aka Sean Smith), the only time i remember a skin being made for someone was I think a Dev, and CCP did that once and once only. I have a wallpaper screenshot of it on my computer, i never got the skin myself cause i didnt have the money for it at the time and i was damn well not going to give some player isk on the market for those that put them there.

Which is another argument against this, if it was not “soul-bound” such skins put on market would degrade and disrespect the reasoning you have OP for making them in the first place.

I am sad to see another Eve pilot pass on, especially so young as well as sad to see this thread taken off topic with infighting.

Fly Dangerous HateLess o7


IMO drunk drivers should spend the rest of their life in jail no parol if there is a fatality

I hope CCP memorializes him in game somehow as he was SUCH a huge impact for new and old players in the game

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RIP Hateless Prayers to your family

CCP should make a skin. He has done so much for the community.