We should have a way to play AMOGUS in Eve

Imagine that you all go out mining, then meet back up to drop off your hauls, but one guy is missing.

Then you’re like “that Venture is sus, I saw him on dscan with the missing dude” but in reality you blapped him yourself.

Eventually the guys who were temporarily mind controlled by Sansha (or whatever) either get found out and blapped, or they blap every normie. The winners take home either a ton of morphite or Sansha LP, depending on which side they were on.

Special modules and stuff can create special roles for our adorable ventures (and probably prospects and endurances if you’re willing to wager more ISK), similar to other mafia-style games such as Town of Salem etc.

Get on it CCP and give me a special skin or something for giving you this great idea!

Heres where this idea is destined to go but hey! You get to pick which of the four to throw it in!


I choose the fifth option, to save everyone!

Sorry bud, trash goes where trash belongs

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The ‘sus Venture’ is the one that drops fleet halway, scrams the Orca and lights an industrial cyno.

Also, think of all the money CCP could make by selling hats for ventures.

Don’t put me in your idea. :joy: :joy: :joy:

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