Weapon cycle timer overrun

Problem: After targeting multiple ships, initial ship is then fired upon by activating a weapon icon. It doesn’t matter what type of weapon is used, just that when the icon is triggered the perimeter of the icon circles around until it hits the 6 o’ clock position and refires again. When target is destroyed, cycling ends and icon remains unlit and ready to accept new target. The specific bug is that after target is destroyed, the icon continues to cycle around, preventing using that weapon group to engage a new target. This happens even with Instant damage effect weapons like hybrids and lasers. The overall effect is a dramatic decrease in outgoing dps by the player. Trying to activate an icon during this “overrun time” results in the icon turning red and deactivating. This extended time varies from normal time to over 75% of another cycle.

tell me is I describe your issue correctly :
sometimes after killing a target some modules activated on that target remain not usable until a tick - or more - AFTER that module finishes its cycle.
Those modules still show the icon of being cycling and red even though their cycle ended without a valid target.

This is an issue for modules with low cycle time, because it can mean missing cycles (eg small disintegrator).

I think you have the gist of it. The current target is destoyed and the shot doing it cycles through its “reload” or “cooldown” phase indicated by the perimeter of the weapon icon. Instead of then stopping at the 6 o’ clock position and indicating It’s ready to fire again, it continues past (using a charge) completing anywhere from 25-75% of a new cycle with no valid target. Attempts to fire the weapon during this additional partial cycle causes the weapon to flash red and enter a cooldown period where it cannot fire for several seconds. This bug is highly variable, running from nonexistent to an apparent 75% cycle overrun/penalty, sometimes running this spectrum in the same battle, but usually on different days.

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Happens often with salvagers too where it is easy to notice due to the large number of salvagers and numerous wrecks involved thus a lot of opportunities for this to happen even salvaging a single wreck field.

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I see this happen so often, I thought it was intended.

Yikes! It never occurred to me it was a bug.

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Same, got used to it and considered it was “just CCP not caring about the UI”

However I don’t think I ever noticed one charge being used.

Well, the charge thing usually happens when it approaches the 75% of the next cycle, so fair to say not anywhere all the time. However, if my guns have a recycle time (ROF) of x, they better be giving me that fire rate. At the moment, there is so much variation on what the icons are showing me, I’m not exactly sure what is happening. If the weapon fire cycle indicator is accurate at the first fired round and it cycles at the correct speed, then I KNOW that I am being shortchanged by the game in my dps because I have to wait til I get a clear icon before initiating fire on a new target.
It appears that this “feature” may be more widely spread than I thought, since many people just seem to shrug and accept the delay.
Any way to page an appropriate dev for a comment?

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I think you should make a bug report.
Though I never had an answer, at least maybe some dev will end up understanding your issue.
Also you can make a ticket. This will allow someone help you to formulate your bug request correctly - and be sure they actually understand (from my experience it takes a lot of time just to convey an obvious bug, images included in the original ticket). Because if the person does not understand it, it’s likely it won’t have an impact on the game.

Otherwise maybe you can notifiy @GM_Mechanic , just to know the state of the game WRT this one specific issue. Maybe it was never reported, maybe devs know it and can’t do anything about it (too much work to fix).

Very likely to me, it’s because the game client does not consider the module to stop cycling until receiving a message from the server that it actually stopped cycling, even though the target of the module is no more correct.

This can be linked to the bug that sometimes stopping a modules (eg a siege) turns it red but the module keeps cycling : the server did not receive the “stop it” information and therefore the client knows it is red, but does not know the server believe it should keep cycling.

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The server determines when the object is destroyed not the client you are using. So the overflow you see is simply latency between your client and the server, but if you actually manage to lose ammo on an empty shot then that would be a bug and you should file a bug report about it.

Please note that bug reports are generally not a two-way communication. Your report will be reviewed by the Quality Assurance team and if they require any further information they will respond. If however the information you provide is sufficient for them to investigate then generally they will not contact you or respond to the bug report.


And that’s typically a communication issue when users don’t know if what they perceive as a bug actually needs something from them.

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Ok, still trying to wrap my brain around this. I can understand server/client differences and latency., however since my ability to activate my weapons in a timely manner is altered in an adverse way (As indicated by the still circling icon perimeter), isn’t my actual rate of fire diminished? For example, I fire my grouped guns and enemy ship appears destroyed when the damage is applied near instantaneously. The weapon group cycles ( let’s just say 5 seconds) and should indicate ready for firing on new target. There shouldn’t be 5 seconds of latency, correct? When the icon does indicate ready, which is often at 50% or more of a new firing cycle, it means my second shot is going off at 7.5 seconds and not 5 seconds, a dramatic apparent 50% reduction in firepower.

The bottom line appears to be that outside of any extended cycle that uses a charge, the variations I note are normal. The indications by my weapon icons merely reflect the variable time/reactions between my client and the server. Hmmmm. Guess I’ll have to shrug and admit that I don’t fully understand the entire sitsuation, but be assured that, according to the experts, “everything is working as intended.” :white_check_mark::place_of_worship::thinking:

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