Weird game mechanics: 50 active clients for SP farming?

This generates inflation (the rise of plex cost etc), then would be harder for a ‘regular’ player to earn isks and plex an account.

So, regular players should be concerned about that (not me, I’m a casual ‘α’ player).

Secondly, I hardly believe that a single player can manage 50 open clients without the help of some kind of scripting bot (some bingo meme here).

Think: how can you react to an attack (provided you are mining)? You can only jump away using a bot script.

The mentioned 50 accounts are online 24\7.

I can manage up to 6 accounts in combat. I am 99.99% sure somebody could work out how to manage 50 accounts mining without the use of a script…

I have a friend with about 500 accounts

Guy’s a very rich man lol

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Wait… would you need to be online with all those 50 accounts for an SP farm?

This is the entire point: you don’t. Then, he is allegedly able to do other stuff, like mining, so the question arises: can a player reasonably do that 24\7 without some scripting help?

Can a player reasonably allege what another player is doing on 50 accounts 24/7? If you suspect bottling file a petition. If you just want information about something you saw one time you have it

What is the point of this thread? if you have concerns about him botting, report him. End of story. Time to move on with our lives.

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It’s really not much of a stretch. I have 15 accounts and 30 or so characters. Only 5 of which are sp farms (tried it, ROI wasn’t good enough to expand but not bad enough to scrap/sell them)
It’s not uncommon for me to have 10+ of those accts logged in at one time. And many of my characters share a similar naming scheme.

So someone having 50 accts (assuming no exaggeration here) is a lot Sure, but I can conceive of reasons why.

SP farming is a lucrative business for CCP:

  • The accounts need to be Omega so they are collecting the subscription fee
  • The extractors are purchased from the NES for PLEX and the PLEX, for the most part, were originally purchased from CCP for real world cash.
  • The people who use injectors frequently buy PLEX from CCP to pay for them.
  • They are a net SP sink since most players will inject fewer SP than were extracted.

For the farmer the economics are less attractive - it’s a very efficient market and, by the time you’ve paid the subscription fee and purchased the extractors there isn’t a lot of profit available unless you are using the account for some other reasonably passive activity - PI, Research, Production, etc…

The injector market is also competing with the cerebral accelerators that are dropping in vast quantities from event rats. I bought some Standard ‘Guri Hivaa’ Cerebral Accelerators yesterday for 1 million ISK each and will get a 43200 SP bonus from each of them.

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or just input broadcasting considering ccp is kinda crap at catching that even if reported by a player

Of course, but I try to be an optimist :wink:
Truth be told, I wouldn’t know what to do with more than 3 or 4 accounts online at once, let alone 50.
Actually, maybe keep them all in market hubs and play the market game with lots of orders and being able to be everywhere at once. Not sure if call that fun, but you’d probably make isk alright.

2 accounts is enough for me, i only have a potato.

If he’s doing what I think he’s doing(it’s related to trading somewhat) then the cost to plex those accounts especially if they can be used as a skillfarm too is trivial


(cough … bots … cough)

Come now even muy tablet can run 3… if i have two fans blowing in it

Inducing ('cause a weird game logic) a player to open 50 clients is aberrant.

Perhaps unusual. Defiantly not ‘aberrant’

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