Weird game mechanics: 50 active clients for SP farming?

I’m relatively new to Eve, so I want to properly understand some weird game logic.

The fact: I keep seeing a bunch of 50 active clients on my corp chat, sitting there 24\7, with almost the same name pattern and portrait! (nameaa, nameab, nameac,…, namebt, etc)

So, my first guess could be ‘SP farming’ or ‘massive mining’.

I wonder if this could even be a source of performance loss for the game either, since 50 clients are constantly consuming server ram.

Could some experienced player explain a bit this behavior? Is this perfectly legal?


Yep, perfectly legal.
Also, 50 accounts is low SP farm … I heard about someone that had/has 237 accounts.

But they don’t need to be logged in to farm SP, so presumably they are doing something else as well. Mining is a relatively easy one once you get your SP farmers into mining barges, or market botting.

But chances are, a person is not controlling these 50 accounts logged in all by themselves (or if they are, mining must be as click-intensive for them as pvp for a normal player!)

He prolly uses them for monitoring certain systems/gates/stations, cloak camping etc … things that don’t really need controlling them.


When 50 pilots hurt server performance, what about the 20k+ online all the time? Should CCP ban them?

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One person with 50 active accounts is…sad.

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They more than likely do PI on all those alt’s that’s 40-50 bil extra on top of the small sp farm and any active thing like mining which I think will be really freeing hard with 50 accounts lol but tbh that’s more of a 2nd job than playing a game at that point.

Well, if having 50 clients open were so perfectly legal, I presume that a lot of people could do the same, then 20k online all the time means a lot of overhead.

Indeed. CCP should just take the people’s money and not let them log in.

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You are missing the insanity of this allowed game mechanic. Nobody should have found convenient to buy 50 (or 237) subscribed chars just to put them online all together.

Says you. Who are you to believe you can claim that the freedom of others needs to be restricted?

I was speaking in terms of ‘weird’ game mechanic: provided that rules, players sure find they ways to exploit them.
Just imagine a game in which you are not ‘guided’ to do such a pointless thing.

It is not weird, or “weird”, though. There are 50 people paying for access to the server and they get what they pay for, or there is one guy paying for 50 accounts. No difference in terms of server cost.

The real question seems to be: What is your actual issue with them?

His issue is that he is too lazy to do it himself but doesn’t want others to benefit from all that work.

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You think he is too poor and envious? Sounds plausible…

CCP did a smart move: they found a way to artificially multiply their numbers, useful thing when one want to sell something, I guess.

Why the hate?We want to know the true issue you have with this.

Well, if you are happy with that, enjoy it, have fun.

So you refuse to tell us what actually makes you angry about this?

Okay then. I guess we have figured it out on our own.

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Whatever that player is doing, he is capable of keeping fifty accounts funded. That is a hell of a lot of money, which is good for CCP’s finances, which in turn is good for the game quality and continuing existence.

I assume at least a few of these accounts are being paid with in-game money. Maybe even all of them. Mining on fifty simultaneous accounts may be netting some fourty million isk per hour per character, assuming very well-trained characters with boosts. If he does that for two hours a day in average he is getting 2.4 billion per character per month. That is more than enough to buy PLEX for all characters and have a whopping 25 billion left for other activities, provided that he plays for more than two hours a day.

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