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Yea its a tricky situation and the chance to break things would be massive changing core code. That has a million things linking back to it.

But I mean if they want to improve performance then changing the core code is a must at that point.

Based on the changes they have done in the last 2 years that would have been a boon to the game. At this point CCP not working on eve is actually a positive thing.

I am not going to try and convince you otherwise, but I do not think that Eve would be in an overall better state if CCP had done nothing. I would have done differently, and I could say I would have done better, but nothing is impossible for she who does not have to prove it.

I would be, too, but between running fleet cynos, anchoring logi, helping with move ops, and overhauling our doctrines again for the second time in as many months… yeah, the forums are the least of my efforts. But multitasking’s a useful skill.

Ahhhh, no. The old DX components are the easy bits. Are they cleaning up the old code? God, I hope so, but I doubt it. CCP’s entire philosophy for close to a decade has been ‘twist some knobs’ or ‘tweaking some numbers’. They’ve actively avoided doing deep dives to address real problems and root causes. So nothing they’ve done has shown any indication that they’re actually diving into untangling the old code.

The last thing they did along those lines was Brain-in-a-Box. The Diamond NPC AI is new… but it’s not applied to all NPCs (even though it was supposed to be, some… what? 5 years ago, now?)

And the node-based event system is a new code system that’s accessed through a UI that mirrors the old mission UI, but it doesn’t replace it at all. Don’t need to touch the old code if you’re just trying to mimic the results.


So please, first step is to let CCP know they are making horrible mistakes!!! And they have lost tons of customers to raising the subscription price!!! Had they lowered it they would have made more !!! We would be seeing 50 k active members again!!! Not 14k on a good day!!!


Smoking your socks is not healthy.


LOL thats a funny reply. However I wonder how many of those are Alpha or more to the point how the balance of Omega to Alpha players has changed if at all?


wow, we hit over 20 K!!! that happens once in a great while, maybe on sat-sun if we are lucky! Far Cry From What we used to see! 200-300k! Even if we had 50-100 k that would be Amazing! But here we have someone defending CCP, Wonder Why? The only way we are going to get change is if we all band together! Bottom line is, that you shouldn’t have to pay 270 USD for 24 months to get an 11 USD a month ratio for our Eve Subscription… and raising it to 20 a month, well someone who has the money to drop 270 on eve knowing they will stay that long may pay that but everyone else who is not sure gets taken advantage of, and then they come out with a bullcrap deal for multi accout players like myself who use to run 7! now im down to 3, and the other 2 run out in a few days, only keeping my main goin for now till CCP pulls their head out their @$$es!!!.. every way you look at this price increase, its just all messed up and we got nothing out of it and pushed tons of players away when we were already struggling with a player count, it made no sense, they should have lowered the price a bit, and made the alpha free to play a little more opened up, and kept working on fixing the eve economy, not raise the price and tell us about a few bells and whistles your working on and a plan to end the scarcity they caused, had they lowered it and opened the alpha up more, and made more kick ass skins and more appearal items for our avatars, and brought back in station walking, they would see thier numbers return to the good old days, and they would be making bank ! their income would increase five times their current income in one to two months’ time! who is running this is tripping over his shoe laces…

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You clearly have no idea what you are talking about 20k to 24k is the avg for the past 2 week’s during prime time even on week days, the highest we where ever at is 60k around.

Before CCP anounced the price changes were around 24k to 27k not 100% certain on this but its higher for sure than now but not by massive amounts I think you need to check fact’s before spawning nonesense.

And these are active concurrent users, subscribers are many times that even currently. Eve has done better but it is not doing badly at all.

As far as I remember before this latest price change it was somewhere around $14 to $15 per month I was taking the 3 month at the time for a bit under 14 which was fine. If you want to compare apples to apples then you only need to take the 6 month to equal that of the old 3 month the 1 year and 2 years are for min maxing but not necessary. It’s lower price per month is a reward for having faith that eve will last that long.

Like you I was pissed at the price change but I started to look at it logically and changed my mind about it. Once CCP release new content a lot of people would be fine with it.

The constant refrain regarding the dreaded :japanese_ogre: CODE :japanese_goblin: :japanese_goblin: for mission running seems to have taken on a life of its own. Having worked in the corporate world for 35 years I’ve worked with plenty of “developers” and make or break projects. Trust me “the CODE is old” is definitely old alright. I’ve never witnessed any other group of people in a corporate structure hold an organization hostage so it cannot deliver product to customers. Truck drivers have to haul in bad weather, attach chains in freezing conditions and drive grueling hours. Similar things can be said about nurses in addition to the people who kept the grocery stores stocked and operating over the last two years. But when the code is old everybody shakes in their boots and everything stops. Pfffff…

Just because a job is hard doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. Deal with it.

CCP manages to roll out some pretty good mission style events. The last one being the “smugglers” theme which neatly tied together with a previous event. To paraphrase Shakespeare, The Code doth protest too much methinks.

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So in short you are saying CCP should HTFU? :smirk:

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In short, no.

So in long…

Elon Musk’s companies rewrote the book on building cars and building spacecraft leaving the legacy companies sputtering. Boeing and NASA cannot launch a vehicle in years while SpaceX recently did three in one week.

People at NASA and Boeing are probably saying they can’t do alot of things…


So you mean CCP is stuck in the past then and should adapt? Maybe hire better devs who are up to the new ways?

Edit to reflect on your editing of your post: So they are lazy and/or short sighted?

I can only draw inferences from what I see and my lived experiences. I don’t know what goes on inside CCP. I do know that corporate boogeymen take on a life of their own. Meaning that the original causes and effects multiply with time. If you let problems sit a fester the damage spreads and the solutions become more difficult to realize.

(edit) The problems still must be faced and conquered. That is leadership.

Tbh they should just go through all the code and map everything then reroute certain bits of code while they test and work on it replace it when its done then reroute the next so on.

If they want more pilot’s in space on the same grid its a must to use newer method’s.

Its only freaky because there is too many unknown connections, once its mapped it would be a lot less daunting.

I had similar thoughts but you said it better. I’m also curious to know the level of game expertise relative to mission running inside CCP. In the corporate world where the IT infrastructure is not the actual product, a successful system developer knows the business or process application to which their code applies. It is not possible to be ignorant of the business purposes and develop or maintain a digital system to support it.

I would imagine that the “old mission code” would look pretty daunting if you did not have the substantial understanding of mission running that can only come from many hours in the chair playing the game. In my view, the longer the stigma attached to mission running continues, the more likely the scenario above becomes.


It should be noted that we hit that at a point where three major nullsec blocs had been hurfing for a fight all day. The numbers seen should not be taken as typical.

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Damned near nil.

And it’s almost completely undocumented, from what we’ve been told about basically the entire codebase prior to 2006ish. It’s basically a Gordian Knot: the issue isn’t ‘it’s old’ it’s ‘it’s badly written and badly documented, and the company hasn’t been willing to invest the money needed to sit a small group of devs in a test environment to try to work through exactly where it touches other coded systems and what it’ll break if they ‘fix’ it’.

Add onto that the hue and cry they get from players every time they look at changing the missioning code at all, and you can understand why they’ve supplemented it with events and the Agency, which mimic the missioning UI, rather than fixing the missioning code itself.

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Bottom line is, CCP is chasing away players, and money.