Welcome your new CSM

Democratically elected my foot!!
They won’t do a damn thing for us regular players. All they’ll do is influence for their buddies.
Fire them all!!



What people here are asking for is representation by population. The concept would be an assigned number of representatives by region based on how many players inhabit the area. In this case though, probably a division along the lines of high-sec, low-sec, wormholes, pochven, and null would be sufficient.

The data of how many players reside in these systems is available to you, and for CSM 17, it would be useful to outlay that in democratic form:

Ex: 50% of players are in null, 25% are in high sec, 15% low sec, 10% wormholes/pochven for 6/1/21-5/31/22. And you have exactly 16 delegate positions to fill, then 8 would be null sec delegates, 4 would be high sec delegates, 2 would be low sec, 2 would be wormhole/pochven.

Only players who reside in those respective areas could run for the assigned delegate position. This ensures a fair representation on the council of these different areas of the game, and still allows the democratic element and voting systems to continue as they have. Null sec would still have the higher delegate count, it just wouldn’t be at the expense of representation from other players from other walks of the game.


Hey! Not all of them! Mike is a good guy!!


Oh yea. Blue Donut concul elected himself… lol. next time i dont spare my time for this garbagelections.
as 2 yrs player. I understand why eve go to deep. Because even elections is no sense… there is no way to explain problems. Devs dont listen forums. So elections is controlled by null blocks… so what ccp tell us… stop play eve. because no body listen or care your problems. in last two years i only saw radical changes. I play againts developers not againts other players. in two year i saw all minor markets become smaller and smaller. And mighty jita… now like minor market. but we cry at indy patch topic. no one listen. now a astero 100m at amarr… but do you know sales drops to half… Why ccp have to sell more plex… I dont want talk about indy interface or trade interface… to bad. i wish i discovered eve before ccp greed.


Hmm OK, Mike can stay but only because it’s you.
Were it up to me, I’d ban those useless losers from the game and distribute all their combined assets evenly between all player.


Btw here’s your chance to own a piece of the CSM:





Mike isn’t a loser. He’s the only one who cares about us players.
I like you but you’re too extreme in your opinions and judgment. I think you need sum luvins :cupid:


Snowflake Sally? More like Snowflake Salty. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: AmIrite? :smirk:


the votes were stolen from me.


No you’re wrong!


We all do.


So true! :sparkling_heart:



:rofl: You’re too funny.

Yeah we know all about Democracy by now:
Shady figures manipulating data in the shadows while millions die under barrages of bombs and starvation.

Glad I didn’t vote for that farce.


So, so disappointing. 7/10 from the warring null blocs. At least we got iBeast and Suitonia in there. I’m sad we didn’t get Rixx or Stitch. Lowsec really needs representation.

Congrats to the winners… sigh…


There has to be a name for this. “Defensive Impotence” might be a good one.

Eve is not like real life. In Eve you have the same tools as everyone else.

There is nothing stopping any of you from doing what null groups do. The fact that you don’t despite the fact that null groups are outnumbered by the rest of the game days something important. You simply dont want to understand or admit what it means.

the NULL wins again. useless ■■■■


yeah I voted for Rixx as well, He has good idea for low sec block.


If you don’t like the null blocks, get a toasting ship and some friends, go take their stuff and shoot them.

Not every timer is going to be defended by 100 Carriers.

Not every ESS has a Vargur on defense.

Or join them and take on leadership roles then run off with the money.

Quit asking CCP to ‘fix’ things for you when you can play the way you want.

If you just give up, you’re sacrificing your own agency and deserve nothing.