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All, the classic “It’s not the fault of the massive groups gaming the system for a decade, its your own fault for not voting hard enough”.

Large null groups have trillions to spend on burner vote accounts and coordinated voting to ensure that excess votes go their way too. Even back when people did actually try to push back, it never worked. It’s a pointless system that only serves to provide null groups with stronger influence with CCP developers and early alerts on upcoming changes.


So am I !!


Yep…nulbloc influence…scarcity, super nerfs, HAC nerfs, nullification, massive mining changes. You think nulbloc influencers had anything to do with that? If they had actual influence none of those changes would have happened or, at the very least, they would have been implemented in a more adoptable way. It appears to me that a guy like lolmeca, who lobbied himself out of his own playstyle and that of many others, has had more influence in changing the game for the worse than anyone I can remember. By the way, fyi, large null groups don’t spend their trillions on picking up burner accounts to increase the vote count. In my opinion, they’ve largely spent those trillions on infrastructure and replacing ships. Also, your insinuation that members of the CSM routinely violate the NDA is preposterous at best and is an indication of your character or lack thereof. Accusing someone of corruption without evidence discredits every single word you’ve uttered.

Edit: FYI I voted on 6 accounts…the same accounts I’ve maintained in good standing for over 10 years and I’d assert that is the case for most of the null bloc multi-account holders that voted.


Very sad that non of the Low Sec / Faction Warfare canidates made it. Arsia was very close, but it wasn’t enough and Phantomite couldn’t make it again.

Low Sec is in a bad condition, also because Faction Warfare was never fixed. The half of the active fw players are either bots or farmers.


Your reply is a clear indication that you are completely unfamiliar with how one particular null group is organized and functions. There’s a reason they have many characters with multiple titans/supers…and it isn’t because the leadership was siphoning off the profits. Crack you say? Another indication of your lack of credibility. When it ain’t going your way attack someone personally…you’ve done it twice now and your comments or worth nothing.

So, 7 are from the nullblocs, but only 5 are “straight” nullbloc candidates. I mean, Kenneth and Brisc might be from the nullblocs, but I think that what they represent is a better indication of the type of CSM they are than where they live. For example, Kenneth represents the industry play style, and Brisc is an excellent community rep. Of course, I would still like to see better representation. but I’m not going to complain with these results.

Anyway, I made a chart trying to show voter turnout. CCP only disclosed the number of accounts that were eligible to vote a few times, so I went with the ratio of votes to average PCU in the year leading up to the election. It’s by no means perfect, but it was the data that I had access to, and it can give us some insight.

Anyway, it looks like voter turnout took a bit of a dip this year, but that might be explained by a large influx of new players. In past years, the average voter age was over 3 years. So, I’d wager a guess that new players don’t vote at a high rate.

P.S. the link to the CMS 6 results is broken, and a cursory search for CSM 2 and 3 results failed to yield anything (I might have to look past the first page of google search results, or dig through the dev blog repository to find it).


Democratically elected my foot!!
They won’t do a damn thing for us regular players. All they’ll do is influence for their buddies.
Fire them all!!



What people here are asking for is representation by population. The concept would be an assigned number of representatives by region based on how many players inhabit the area. In this case though, probably a division along the lines of high-sec, low-sec, wormholes, pochven, and null would be sufficient.

The data of how many players reside in these systems is available to you, and for CSM 17, it would be useful to outlay that in democratic form:

Ex: 50% of players are in null, 25% are in high sec, 15% low sec, 10% wormholes/pochven for 6/1/21-5/31/22. And you have exactly 16 delegate positions to fill, then 8 would be null sec delegates, 4 would be high sec delegates, 2 would be low sec, 2 would be wormhole/pochven.

Only players who reside in those respective areas could run for the assigned delegate position. This ensures a fair representation on the council of these different areas of the game, and still allows the democratic element and voting systems to continue as they have. Null sec would still have the higher delegate count, it just wouldn’t be at the expense of representation from other players from other walks of the game.


Hey! Not all of them! Mike is a good guy!!


Oh yea. Blue Donut concul elected himself… lol. next time i dont spare my time for this garbagelections.
as 2 yrs player. I understand why eve go to deep. Because even elections is no sense… there is no way to explain problems. Devs dont listen forums. So elections is controlled by null blocks… so what ccp tell us… stop play eve. because no body listen or care your problems. in last two years i only saw radical changes. I play againts developers not againts other players. in two year i saw all minor markets become smaller and smaller. And mighty jita… now like minor market. but we cry at indy patch topic. no one listen. now a astero 100m at amarr… but do you know sales drops to half… Why ccp have to sell more plex… I dont want talk about indy interface or trade interface… to bad. i wish i discovered eve before ccp greed.


Hmm OK, Mike can stay but only because it’s you.
Were it up to me, I’d ban those useless losers from the game and distribute all their combined assets evenly between all player.


Btw here’s your chance to own a piece of the CSM:





Mike isn’t a loser. He’s the only one who cares about us players.
I like you but you’re too extreme in your opinions and judgment. I think you need sum luvins :cupid:


Snowflake Sally? More like Snowflake Salty. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: AmIrite? :smirk:


the votes were stolen from me.


No you’re wrong!


We all do.


So true! :sparkling_heart: