Welcome your new CSM

:rofl: You’re too funny.

Yeah we know all about Democracy by now:
Shady figures manipulating data in the shadows while millions die under barrages of bombs and starvation.

Glad I didn’t vote for that farce.


So, so disappointing. 7/10 from the warring null blocs. At least we got iBeast and Suitonia in there. I’m sad we didn’t get Rixx or Stitch. Lowsec really needs representation.

Congrats to the winners… sigh…


There has to be a name for this. “Defensive Impotence” might be a good one.

Eve is not like real life. In Eve you have the same tools as everyone else.

There is nothing stopping any of you from doing what null groups do. The fact that you don’t despite the fact that null groups are outnumbered by the rest of the game days something important. You simply dont want to understand or admit what it means.

the NULL wins again. useless ■■■■


yeah I voted for Rixx as well, He has good idea for low sec block.


If you don’t like the null blocks, get a toasting ship and some friends, go take their stuff and shoot them.

Not every timer is going to be defended by 100 Carriers.

Not every ESS has a Vargur on defense.

Or join them and take on leadership roles then run off with the money.

Quit asking CCP to ‘fix’ things for you when you can play the way you want.

If you just give up, you’re sacrificing your own agency and deserve nothing.


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You can’t stay away Lucas. You love New Eden.


What you’re saying is kind of like “if you don’t like your life being dictated by corporate interest lobbies, then maybe you should make your own corporation, become rich and powerful, and drive your competitors out of business so that you get to decide how everyone lives their lives instead!”

We’re not protesting null-sec blocs; we’re protesting a flawed electoral process, dum-dum.


You’re still here…

Perhaps we need to rethink this.

I’m more of a fan of equal representation of each space. This null bloc heavy CSM is getting old.


They don’t win because the system is broken. They win because they’re big and active and organized.

Lowsec had too many candidates because lowsec groups weren’t united behind one candidate.

Rixx was something like 15th(?). If ask the lowsec and FW groups got together and backed one or two candidates, it would be much more effective.


Also, CSM is not the only way to influence the community and the devs.

But people seem to want to blame CCP for everything instead of trying to change things…


Imagine if you spent the same energy organizing Instead of making excuses. I have yet to see your name on a list.

In game or out, I find folks like you perplexing. You care enough to spend loads of personal time complaining about something, but cant be arsed to do the small things that, even though likely to not make much of a difference, would still represent an action on your part.

The ironic thing is that if everyone like you voted instead of abstaining then complaining, you would have enough political power to maybe gain a seat at the table. This is what you should have spent your time on instead of wasting it on a forum ccp doesn’t even read


It because doing that is both easier AND risk free.

There is a risk to fighting back. The risk of losing. Rather than take that risk, most just refuse to participate then complain impotently later. Its not just eve, but across all human society.

Which, ironically, is why the same kinds of people win power over and over again…


What a paradoxical suggestion. We feel that lowsec/highsec/wh space are underrepresented and your solution is to become a null bloc?

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Goons had non goons on their ballot.


As usual the majority are from the big null blocs, so as usual the majority of CSM recommendations will benefit the big null blocs. It won’t be long before HS will have no resources, missions, combat/relic sites, etc.

Though, I suppose it doesn’t matter much, since CCP do plenty of that on heir own.

The slow death of HS continues…

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Good for you, I voted with one of my five because I’m one person and in a democracy each person gets one vote. Characters are not people, they represent people.
I know it’s not against the rules to do what you did, but it’s far from democratic.
I suppose the argument could be made that I wasted four votes, but I don’t vote with my wallet, I vote with my conscience.
The way things work in Eve it seems to be pure pure wallet.
I’m not an expert on governmental systems but the closest I can figure is that this makes the CSM an oligarchy under a totalitarian monarchy. I say monarchy because I don’t think of CCP as another oligarchy, they are in total control at all times (unless Perl Abyss has influence, and I have no way of knowing that beyond making assumptions or getting good at industrial espionage, I don’t feel like doing either, ones stupid, the other is a pain in the ass).
None of what I’ve just said maters for the same reason that the CSM maters less than it should, CCP can and will do as they please, with or without them (or me).
Right now it’s us against @CCP_Rattati and his “they can quit if they don’t like it” attitude.


Did I say that wrong? Someone translate for me, “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”.

Low voter turn out while crying about who gets elected. Hilariously EVE. If you don’t vote, or didn’t organize better for a candidate you liked you can’t really be pissy about the election with any kind of credibility. Elections are won by candidates with organized campaigns, not the Tiger King guy who everybody thought was awesome but had no grassroots to support him