Well, today was not a good day for me (Updated with good news 16.08.2018)

Sorry to hear the treatments so far haven’t stemmed this. I hope you have a laptop that you could bring if you are hospitalized, at least you can keep your mind busy.

It may or may not be worth mentioning that my grandfather had a serious ulcerative skin condition that was very difficult to treat. In the end the cure was treatment of silver cream, I believe it was Silvadene (sp?). It took a number of weeks but it saved him skin grafting. And a vitamin regiment to boost his immune system.

Hang in there.

Hey. I don’t have a laptop, but i do have a phablet called Samsung Galaxy S8+ that will serve me well. So i’ll be fine with that incase i ends up a the hospital.

My appointment at the hospital now is in just 40 minutes. So i’m about to leave home now.

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And i’m back from the hospital for today. My foot has gotten slightly better since tuesday. And as long as i’m not getting any worser in the foot now over what it is now, i don’t have to be hospitalized.

But the pain in the foot is still quite alot, so i have to continue to go on alot of pain killers every day. And the ‘Prednisolon’ medicine i’m taking now is causing me to get lot of sour upsets. But i have something against that to, so i’ll survive :slight_smile:.

I’m gonna go back to the hospital tomorrow and on monday next week, so they are following me up closely on this, which is a good idea :slight_smile:


Alrighty. There is no changes in my situation since yesterday. So all we are doing is to just keep cleaning the wounds and change out to new bandages and that. So my next appointment for that is on monday next week.

Other than that, i have an MRI-scan i have to take before i can take this operation to remove this big wound on my shoulder. This MRI-scan appointment will be on tuesday next week (27th February). So hopefully the operation can be done the same week next week.

But other than that, things are going alright for the moment. The worst part is to keep the pain in my foot under control. But that’s what we have pain killers for :slight_smile:.


And after the visit at the hospital today, i’m just happy to say that my foot is healing well atm. We have everything under control and the infection / bacterias i had in the foot earlier seems to be almost gone now.

So as things are now, everything is fine. The only downside is that the wounds takes a long time to heal. It’s healing slowly but surely as we can say it :slight_smile:.


Happy to hear all is going better :slight_smile:


Was just at the hospital again today. There is no changes in the situation except that the foot just keeps getting better and better.

And i also had the MRI-scan yesterday, so i’m just waiting on answers on that before i can take the surgery on my shoulder.

So, as things are going very well now, i don’t think i have to update this topic everytime i have had a visit at the hospital from today. I can update it only if there is changes for the bad or something that actually matters.

So i’ll guess the next update will be after i have had the surgery sometime next week i’ll guess.


Glad you’re doing alright.


Keep up the optimism and keep up the treatment and good work.

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And finally, here is an update.

Today was the day i was having the surgery on my shoulder. And it was done. I just came home from the hospital now after the surgery and everything went well. Now i can’t move my shoulder much for the next 4 weeks.

The whole surgery took about 1 hour and 20 mins. So now that’s out of my world. All i have to do now is to make sure that the wound after the surgery is healing. But that’s something the skin department will take care of at the same time as they takes cares of my foot.

And yes, everything is just going well with the foot, so still no changes here.


Thx for the update, glad you’re doing good!


2 small updates.

  1. The wound that was created after the surgery was bleeding a little (which is normal after a surgery) since yesterday. But that was taken care of at the skin department at the hospital today. So that was all fine.

  2. My foot have for some strange reasons started to get quite painful again without the wounds getting any worser. As long as the wounds isn’t getting any worser, then that will be fine. I’m just worried that something is going on right now that will turn this around and make a mess out of it again soon. This kind of behaviour is normal with the Pyoderma disease. It’s a rollercoaster.

But we still have good controll over it as i’m at the hospital every 2nd day.

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When I am ill, I like to watch some documentaries about space and discoveries. Helps me occupy my mind with something nice. Sort of placebo, but I dont think if it could help for that and improve things.

I have similar autoimune disorder desease. My imune system attacked my internal organs. Kidneys and lungs at first. I began caughing blood and my kidneys failed so i was hooked up on dialysis mashine. At hospital doctors applied therapy which kills while blood cells. This therspy is expensive 4 doses 3000€ each.
But it seems it helped. But i need to drink prednisolon for 2 years ahead.

Alright, time for a new update.

I was at the hospital again today. I just came home right now. But i have to go back to the hospital in like 1 hour as i’m getting hospitalized now.

Even though the foot haven’t got any worser, it haven’t shown any improvements for like 2-3 weeks now either. So the wounds on my foot basicly doesn’t heal. So there is something going on there.

The second thing is that there is something wrong with the wound on my shoulder after the surgery to. The wound there doesn’t heal like it should either and the wound have started to open itself a bit more.

So because of those things, i’m gonna be hospitalized for some days now.

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I wish you quick recovery then. :hugs:


As I’m writing this from my smartphone at the hospital bed, I won’t be able to write down things here in super details yet.

What I can tell is that I will at least be hospitalized for the rest of this week at minimum.

And the thing with my wounds on my foot and the surgery wound on my shoulder is in a more serious situation right now.

The foot is getting worser and the surgery wound on my shoulder didn’t heal normally where the wounds would grow together that way. So the surgery wound rather started to open itself from the stings instead. So they had to remove the stings from the surgery wound and let the wound be open under the bandages. Because of the situation with my disease and because the surgery wound is showing the same kind of symptoms as my foot is having, they flat out refuse to do any more surgical things until things are under more control, as doing any more surgical things can cause more problems.

So things are a bit chaotic for the moment.

The doctors and nurses here are taking very good care of me here though. So that’s good. Personally, I wouldn’t be any other places now considering the situation.


May your hospital stay be only short! Wishing you the best.


I’m still hospitalized and I’m writing this from the hospital bed. Tomorrow evening I have been here at the hospital for one week. I will however be here for some more days.

The nurses and doctors is following me up very closely when it comes to the foot and the big surgery wound on my shoulder when I’m here at the hospital.

And because I’ll get treatment and care on my wounds everyday while I’m here and because I can get treatment right away if needed, the wounds is showing improvements. The surgery wound is healing well now, so that’s good.

The foot is also showing improvements, but it’s not much. But it’s still going forward, but slowly.

Even though there is improvements, they can’t send me home before they are 100% sure that the wounds are healing good enough. So it all depends on the wounds on when I can be sent home.

The foot can be really painful from time to time, so I’m consuming alot of pain killers for that.

Other than that, I’m taking 5 different medicines that can do different things to me as a side effect. One of the medicine I’m taking can have some impacts on both of my kidneys. So they have to take blood tests regularly to monitor that.

Lastly. Tomorrow I’m gonna visit a physiotherapist here at the hospital because I’m very limited on being able to move around because of my foot. The more I move it the more it will be painful.

So we have to figure out a way I can move my body without having to use the foot.

So yes, there is alot going on here. But I’m happy that they do takes care of me this way. They are extremely serious on getting this under control.

So that’s the update for now.


I see what you did there.
You put a not real Nitrile glove on the dog head.