Well, today was not a good day for me (Updated with good news 16.08.2018)

Hope things improve for you and your back home flying your favourite internetz spaceship soon as possible. Modern medicine is improving at an alarming rate, fly safe fella o7.

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Update time.

I will be out of the hospital tomorrow evening. However, I will still be getting the same care on my wounds from my home every day by a home-visiting nurse though. And that part is very important. I was also told that I can’t start working again before the foot is 100% good again. And that might take a while. At least I can be home when the eastern holiday starts. And yes, I can now start playing EVE again :smile:

I will however go back to the hospital from Saturday towards Wednesday (in the first round) next week to get more follow-up on my wounds. So they are following me up very closely now and the week’s, months forward.

The surgery wound on my shoulder is healing normally like it should, so that one doesn’t need to be cleaned and that everyday now. It can be taken like every 2-3 days.

The problem is still the foot. Even after being here at the hospital since Monday 12th of March, there is very little progress on the foot even after using different medicines and that. So the Pyoderma disease is very active in my foot. That makes the process of getting rid of the bacterias in the foot very hard. So after being here at the hospital for 11 days tomorrow, we haven’t been able to get rid of those yet. Yes, the bacterias is preventing the wounds on my foot to heal.

So they might have to set me on another strong medicine later. But they have to get a 100% correct answer on the analysis of the wound they took away from my shoulder earlier before they can put me on that medicine.

Other than that, I’m fine.


Good to hear you’re doing better!
Keep the optimism up my friend :smiley:


I’m glad to hear you will be going home soon! It will be much nicer to be there than in a hospital, no?

Hopefully the shoulder issue is nearly finished and you and the doctors can concentrate on the foot wound now.

Stay positive and keep posting - we want to hear about your improvements as they happen!!


People tend to heal better at home, hope all goes well and according to plan for you fella fly safe o7.

Alrighty. Time for a new and long but not really a good update.

I was originally supposed to update this topic after i came home from being hospitalized last friday, but i wasn’t in mood to do it as my foot haven’t gotten any better. And i’m not really in the mood after the visit to the hospital today either, but i feel that i just have to give an update as i have been giving regulary updates here from the beginning.

1st. The wounds on my foot is still not showing any improvements today. After the hospital visit today is rather worser. The wounds on my foot simply refuse to heal, which is a problem. We have tried alot of different medicines to try and get rid of the bacterias without any luck. Yes, the bacterias in my foot is the cause of my wounds not healing.

2nd. I said the foot was rather worser. Yes, the foot was way more red than it was yesterday and we right away thought it was a new infection going on. So i was sent directly to do a blood test. Luckily, the blood test did show that it was NOT an infection as for now. I was told that as the Pyoderma disease can be rarther aggressive, it “can” make the foot go rather red sometimes. So we hope it’s just that.

However, there is a ‘but’ here that i’m gonna explain under number 3.

3rd. From here, i’m starting to get really really worried if the redness in my foot is actually a very early start on an infection. Because of this, i have started again with the same medicine again that i was using against an earlier infection. If this is going over to be an infection and if this medicine isn’t working against that, i will have a bit of a complicated and possibly a dangerous case going.

If that’s happening, i have to increase the amount of mg i have to take of the ‘Prednisonol’ and ‘Sandimmun Neoral’ medicine. However, increasing the ‘Prednisonol’ medicine gives much higher risk of kidney failure, so that’s not good. And at the same time, the ‘Prednisonol’ and the ‘Sandimmun Neoral’ medicine is a VERY bad combination together with an ongoing infection on a foot with a Pyoderma disease.

Here i was told by the doctor that this can turn dangerous if things goes the wrong way. So if this escalates to this. I have 2 choices. Either take the risks of bad side effects by increasing the amount of mg on those 2 medicines, or i have to be put on a very powerfull antibiotic medicine intravenously. If they put me on the last option there, i have to be hospitalized for that as that medicine is very strong and can cause some big side effects.

I hope i don’t have to go through the last thing here. I hope the redness in my foot is just something temporary that goes away. Luckily, the doctors and nurses are keeping me under very close surveillance when i’m at the hospital every day. They do everything they can do to try and get this under control.

Yes, it’s a very hard job to handle this disease, specially when it’s as aggressive as it is on me right now.

4th. Even the doctor and the nurses is pretty worried about this whole situation. So that says something.

5th. My worst fear is to lose the foot (it has happened to others with the same disease before) if this turns really ugly. And just the thought of that scares me and is really messing up my mood.

Yes, just the fact that i was told that this situation with me can turn dangerous as i was told by the doctor today, isn’t really helping me with the mood now.

Ofc, i still have to do everything i can to stay positive and don’t go under the ground about this. I have managed to stay positive so far, but i’m sure the day will come where i will simply just break down and go under the ground and just end up in tears if this situation isn’t getting any better soon. As long as i’m not staying under the ground after that, it will be fine.

6th. And lastly. I had some really nasty pain in my left foot with the wounds earlier this night that might answer something on why my foot is so red. And my right foot has also started to show signs of some activity as i feel numb and weird in my right foot from time to time. It might be the medicines that does that as it affects my muscles a little. So it might not be something to worry about when it’s about the right foot just yet.

Not sure on what more i can say as for now other than that i hope this will be better soon so i can start working again. Yes i love my job and it would totally destroy me if i lose it because of this. As for now, there is no risk of losing it though. But if this goes for over a year being on a sick leave, the risk of losing it might go up. I have been on a sick leave since 1st of December 2017 now, so it’s soon 4 months.

That’s it for now.

EDIT: You might wonder why i’m not saying anything about the surgery wound on my shoulder here. It’s because it’s healing really good and everything there is totally fine now. The wound there is big, but it’s still perfectly fine.


Whatever happens, know that you have all of us here for you

Keep on the positivity and the fight brother, hopefully it’ll just be another bad memory soon :slight_smile:


Thank you.

I’m doing my best to be positive. It’s not easy i can tell you. But i’m strong, so i’m sure i will handle it.

If i had been weak, i would probably be under the ground a long time ago already. Yes, i have been dealing with this since early September 2017. So that’s some months there.

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Well, my experience is that inmunitary disorders act funny on the skin. Right now my left leg is pepper-red for no reason at all; with increasing pollen in the air I am displaying unconencted inmunitary repsonses, not completely allergic, due to an incident three years ago when I had a skin infection on my left elg and developed an allergy to the antibiotic used to treat it. I spent a week in hospital with massive doses of Polaramine (Dexchlorpheniramine), a powerful anti allergic with a unusual mechansim of action. Essentially they would inject me antibiotic and I would itch until Polaramine kicked in, four times a day.

“Itch” is a weak word to the feeling of every cubic centimeter of your flesh burning. I didn’t knew that itch can hurt, but jesus, it hurts, and hurts a lot. Polaramine was like ditching a fire with water -literally.

Fast forward to today. My leg isn’t healthy and will never be. The infection destroyed all the structures that are developed in the fetal phase -sweat glands, hair, and the strucutres that mosit and lubicrate the skin with oils. I must keep it hydrated with ointments because dry skin is a invitation to infections -and last year I had two in three months.

Now my skin just changes. Sometimes it’s very dry. Sometiems it’s almost well hydrated. Somtimes it’s filled with little bumps like cellulite. Sometimes it’s red. No reason, just he compelx interaction between stress, the inmunitary system and external factors.

TL,DR: don’t worry much about your right foot turning red. Your inmunitary system is probably overworked and unstable so your skin reacts in unusual ways.

Also, be careful with painkillers. The absolute last you want is to get psychologically used to them. Deal with pain without painkilelrs for as long as you can; they are extremely dangerous drugs in the long run.

Take care, keep fighting and remember: this will pass too, until it’s just a memory.

PS: everybody is tougher than we like to believe, until comes the time to be tough and test it. Our soul is made of steel, we are the children of countless generations who had to beat untold horrors and prevailed. We hope to don’t be tested, but if the test comes, we prevail. We are effin survivors by nature.


Thanks for that reply. It gave me more hopes that the redness in my foot is not an infection.

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And as for the wound on my shoulder that was removed earlier, this is what the doctors told me that they removed: http://sarcomahelp.org/dermatofibrosarcoma-protuberans.html

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Oh, some good news at least.

Just came home from the hospital now. There we can confirm that i have no infection in my foot and the redness of my foot is way lesser today over how it was yesterday, so it’s just temporary and most likely in connection with the Pyoderma disease as told over.

I also had yellow Stafylokokinfection in my foot earlier. That one is also gone now. So things looks better now. However, that can come back anytime though.

I’m just amazed on how much things can change with my foot in just one day. But i’ll guess that’s how the Pyoderma disease is.

So, my mood today is waaaay way better now over what it was yesterday.


Glad that you dodged the bullet on a infection of your right foot!

Staphylococcus aureus is a typical opportunistic infection, but they’re quite sensitive to antibiotics (at least the s.cocus aureus you find in the wild, some resistant strains cause serious trouble in hospitals)


The thing with the infection thing is on my left foot. And yes, the correct wording is ‘Staphylococcus aureus’ infection. I kinda spelled that wrong :laughing:.

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Nightmare :o

So Sorry to see this, I hope the worst is over and it doesn’t come back!

Nice to see some old corpies still kicking it!


Hey. Thanks for your answer here.

When it’s about me, you all should know that things is going better. Some days ago my blood test did show that the ‘yellow staphylococcus aureus’ (bacteria) i had in my foot earlier is now gone. And now the green stuffs in my wounds that appears on my bandage over the wounds on my foot are also gone (yes, that’s also a bacteria). So 2 types of bacteria’s is now gone from the foot now. And the pain in the foot is also very little now. So it looks like it’s going forward.

However, this thing might change completely over in just 1 or 2 days if any bacteria’s get’s into the wounds again (which does have a very high change of happening again i’m afraid). So that’s why it’s important that we have to get rid of all of the bacteria’s in the foot (something the doctors are fighting hard to get rid of atm) to let the wounds heal and prevent that in the future. Yes, it’s the bacteria’s that are preventing the wounds from healing.

This process takes alot of time, which is not good. But just the fact that we see slight improvements is always good :wink:.


Update time again. And this time is not good news.

Well. Things just turned the wrong way AGAIN. The foot and the wounds on it is now much worser than it was earlier. This thing changes so fast that it’s kinda unreal.

The issue is that we can’t get rid of some bacterias that are rather deep in the wounds. So now I have to take antibiotics intravenous. And because of that, I have to be at the hospital. Let’s just hope they can get rid of the bacterias this time.

I will update this topic when I know more.


Needed to take IV antibiotics for a week last fall after three types of oral antibiotics only worked partially and made things even worse. What the Doc’s told me is that when you kill some stems of an infection but one stem survives chances are high that this one will spread even faster. Because bacteria rival with each other under certain circumstances. But you can’t start with a high dose of broad spectrum antibiotics right away because of the severe adverse effects and the risk of resistances.

The IV antibiotics did the job for me and I hope they will for you too.


Alright. 16 days have now passed since i last made a post here. The reason for that is because i have been hospitalized for 14 days (2 weeks) after the eastern holidays was over. The foot didn’t look good before i was hospitalized the 2nd time.

So they had to try out something new that required me to stay at the hospital while they did that. I had to get one type of antibiotic medicine intravenous and at the same time taking another antibiotic medicine the normal way.

We also started with a little different treatment method on the foot as well. And by now, it’s showing really good progress on healing. So the new treatment method seems to be working good.

So i have good news now. The foot is healing very good now and i have very little pain in it. So it looks very promising. And i’m overall in a very good mood and i’m also feeling very well now.

But…, if this turns around again, i was told today that i had to be hospitalized again if the bad bacterias comes back again.

However. While i was hospitalized, something bad happened that i wasn’t prepeared for. While i was at the hospital, i was attacked by the ‘Norovirus’ as you can read about here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norovirus

So i turned out to be really really sick / ill while i had that. I was womiting like crazy, had diarrhea for 5 days, had over 40 degreees celcius in fever and was extremely dehydrated. I was thursty all the time no matter how much water i tried to drink and i barely had any energy to move my hand to take a glass with water to drink that. I was totally broken.

So i was isolated at the hospital for a whole week before i was released from the isolation.

And i was also signed out from the hospital on Wednesday that was 2 days ago. So now i’m home.

The only thing i have now is a mild cold. My imune defense is weakened because of the medicines i’m going on, so that’s probably the reason why i have this small / mild cold atm. But that’s all fine.

Other than that, i’m all fine for now.


Glad to hear it’s getting better :smiley:
Hopefully it stays that way