Were can i gas mine

were can I gas mine because I do not want to go through all the pain of traveling some were to have to go some where else that was 5 jumps away from where I started.

Gas harvest guide

This will give you the basics. Keep in mind though that gas is part of the exploration mechanic.
It’s not like asteroid ore where you just go to a static belt.


like what regions

I find gas sites when scanning for relic and data in wormholes.

A can of beans and you’ll have all the gas you can mine without moving an inch.

C’mon…someone had to say it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Wormholes. Sometimes you can find gas clouds in lowsec and null sec. But your best bet is in wormhole space.

One out of a hundred times, your funny. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A safe place to mine gas would be Taco Bell.

I liked gas mining in wh’s… It just didn’t smell up the ship as much for some reason.


It would be rather swell if we could produce our own gas in New Eden.

Carbon + Oxygenx2 then used with a PI extracted material.


I hear Jita has a lot of gas… this forum too but you can’t mine here.

Outside any taco bell

EvE is not for you.


I just don’t want to go some place and then get told I need to go to a different place that was closer to were i started

Cry more, see how far it gets you.

You don’t really ever move in Eve. Everything else around you does. Don’t believe me? Put your finger on the middle of the screen.

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Gas sites can spawn anywhere. You can find myko and cyto-serocin in lowsec mostly and fullerines in wh-space. They rarely spawn in hs but it does happen. You always have to scan them down.

Move to Solitude high-sec island. Then go looking in the lowsec areas around it and occasionally find them in the high sec systems too. That area spawns alot of gas clouds in lowsec though.

Go to Tama and warp to the sun, a gas site usually appears within 5-10 minutes.

Join a corp in Fraternity… they own 2 good gas constellations or join a WH group

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