Wh rent

Is worth for single player even with multi box to rent a wh for example C3? If so, what is good price/month?

Why not just find a “claim” a WH for yourself?

I don’t see how it would be remotely feasible to rent a WH system, you have little to no control of the system unless you actually live in it. As a “renter” you are effectively pushing the task of system defense onto the “Owner” (WH systems can’t be “claimed” per say, not in the normal way that null is) and they would need to have a constant presence or someone else will/might evict you from the system and “claim” if for themselves.

You could also explore the option to join a corp that are already occupying a WH system :slight_smile:

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Is it better than live in null for farming?

If you want pure bounty farming then yes as that does not exist in WH space. WH profit comes from salvage of Sleeper wrecks (anomalies), blue loot drops (stuff you sell directly to npc in k-space), Relic/Data sites, Mining and from whatever you can manage to loot/salvage from player kills you manage to get :smile:

Planetary Production can also be a fairly decent income in WHs aswell.

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That will depend on what you were doing in null, a c3 will beat VNI farming I think (never done that, so I don’t know the ISK/hr rates there…) C3 anoms are worth about 40m each and can be cleared in a single rattlesnake in about 15 minutes.

Obviously this does not mean you get 160mil/hour since you’ll also need to spend time doing scanning and hole control (rolling away risky incoming connections.)

If you run a lot of sites, you’ll run out of your c3 sites quickly enough. in that case a WH with a C3 static would be the better option, you’ll be ratting in your static then.

I wouldn’t guarantee wormhole space stays the way it is for too long … Given Hilmar’s comments at CCP Fanfest at home about how routines for control of the space have been established. Rolling a static is now second nature, I’m sure the new chaos will shake up wormhole space as well.

Maybe collapsing a wormhole using max mass will cause a delay in the new hole spawning, multiple holes may spawn at once or anything inbetween - who knows but change is coming.

I read somewhere that Hilmar lives in hisec, and he doesn’t even know anything about life in null or wh life.

Not only hisec, but an extremely cordoned-off section of hisec accessible only to the rich and famous.

But yes, he has no clue about null or wh life.

Problem with having your own wormhole and doing it solo is, its lonely and annoying. Lonely because you will be under constant threat by enemies with no friends to reliably come to your aid. Annoying because sites are chance based and dont always spawn consistently.

If you’re okay with that, then go for it.

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