What are some of these overview types?

I’m looking through overview settings and there are a few types i can’t identify, and don’t know if I want on my overview or not. Can anyone illuminate for me what these items are?

  • hidden zenith Amarr battleship (etc)
  • irregular battleship (etc)
  • irregular-unidentified
  • LCO drone
  • minor threat
  • upwell monument
  • citizen ship

No idea what those are…but some important stuff is missing from the ‘default’ settings. For example Triglavian ships. First encounter I had with those they snuck up without appearing on Overview.

Corporation statues, like a big corporation flappy thing on top of their stations.

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LCO drone is a large collidable object, like a drone hive yyou can see in mission pockets.

Some small npc enemy drones in pockets show up under minor threat.

The entity section really needs to be cleaned up.

Place holder for Princess Aiko’s statue!

Yes, a big flappy thing above a station, see here What are some of these overview types? - #3 by Emotional_Support_Clown

Kind of like those ones that wave when wind is being forced up the centre by a centrifugal blower fan on the side of the roadside near car sales yards?

If you don’t know if it should be on, it should be on. Worst case scenario is you turn it on and it annoys you with random garbage on overview and then you turn it off again.


After which CCP can give us paint ball fireworks. Call it the Jackson Pollock crossover event.

Jackson Pollock; “drip technique” I would much rather see the fine works of Keith Boadwee with his performative enema painting technique.

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