What are the risks of turning a private structure into a freeport?

I have had it for close to 2 years and my corp uses it a lot. I have thought about making it public for anyone to use. Are there any risks that to making it public? My corp can be war decced at any time so that will be the same regardless of public or private.


The risk is publicity. It also depends on the kind of service you offer, whether other groups see a public structure as a threat. I do hope this is an unaffiliated alt you are posting with :wink:

If you are prepared to defend, nothing speaks against it.

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I might AFK linger in it

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No more risks than usual. If it’s been anchored for 2 years without attacks chances are it’ll be there for two more years without again, unless you’ve posted with a toon associated with it. If so then be prepared to defend it because these bozos on this forum won’t miss a chance to attack you or pass the word on to get it attacked.


If you make your citadel a freeport then your enemies can dock in your structure undock and blapp. Well for the shield timer anyway, after that you will have to deny them entry and hope you have enough palls for the armour timer defence. Good Luck.

It is not affiliated to this character, this one is in a NS alliance. I have an alt account that I play with RL friends and that is the one I am referring to. I appreciate your answers and gives me something to think about.

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  1. If a random group of thugs takes up residence in your Freeport and uses it to attack other people than you will be held responsible by their enemies.

  2. If your Freeport services provide an economic competition to a major industrialist or trader they may decide to remove it from the field.

  3. If it grows too popular someone might just decide to destroy it to get a notch in their belt.

  4. If you change your taxes or block a certain group they may destroy it as retribution.

A more understanding player will know its not the owner(s). I know in jita area there are a few private structures that offer better deals from time to time.

I will hit them up to save some isk. But the pickups are in my slick as hell inty lol. If popped there its understood its not the owners baiting. Or even if they are…well does it really matter who is trying to tag the inty.

0.0 and low sec gave me more open mind here. Get off station faster than the person locking you down. No bubbles in empire…already liking the odds there.

When I was a CEO of my own FW corporation, I had a Raitaru that I had as public like 3 jumps from Hek in Amo on the edge of FW warzones and I had like zero trouble. Went afk and let the structure go into low power and it died lol

I thought about starting a wormhole corporation by myself in a C1 and leaving my Astrahus open to the public for science… I think it’d be fun to see if people docked there. I would live very minimally in there for when it definitely dies someday.

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