What are the top alliances doing to combat botting?

We always hear that botting is not tolerated in the big alliances like goons, they say if anyone is caught they will be kicked.

Are they being pro active ? If so how do they go about it ? do they have data on how how many people have been kicked if any ?


They remove any verified botters from their alliance and report them to CCP.

I’m not sure what you mean by this.

I mean are they actually running a campaign to seek them out ?

Periodical updates are sometimes released like the below dev blog.

It illustrates some actions taken by CCP to combat these violators. Repent sinners!

Again, I don’t know what that means.
What do you mean “campaign”?

Like, advertisements and propaganda posters? Tweets and facebook posts?

I mean its pretty obvious if someones botting are they checking with chat ect ?

How would that prove someone is botting?
Opening a chat convo does what…??

i am checking local , am I bot ?

bots wont answer and convo invite and have a chat im guessing

They are not going to disclose exactly how they detect botters, since that would be counterproductive.

Such simple truths must be easy to comprehend. Let’s not pretend to be more smooth brain than we are.

i could be afk ratting …

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My alts won’t answer convo invites because I don’t care to have a chat. Am I botting?

You’re guessing wrong.

also I know a lot of people who doesn’t speak English (inc. me ) and are averse to open stranger’s convo

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there is not much botting in null sec alliances

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maybe your alts should answer conv, that could be an allince rule to combat botting .

Data Laughing


and bot could do the same , tell you to f off and close the convo :smiley:


Why don’t you start your own alliance and make that your rule?

No need to get defensive. Sounds like your happy withe the current bottling situation

stupid thread is stupid , sorry