What are these regions and how do I get here, what is in them, who lives there?

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What are these regions and how do I get there, what is in them, who lives there?

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It looks like Jovian space. Super advanced and genetically modified people that are suffering from an incurable disease. A short while back there was a disaster that destroyed the gate connections in their own systems - which luckily did not destroy our gates because their region was not connected directly to our regions.


There is no connection to the normal systems and you can’t get there currently. The only times people can get there is when CCP moves people during certain tournaments and events.


Thanks for sharing, good explanation.


Yep Jovian space. Back when lore was important they talked about how a plague caused the Jovians to close themselves off and thus no one was ever able to go back. Their gates have never reignited. It’s dev space used for tournaments and dev stuff usually.

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