What are you reading?

I’ve started and finished reading the book about energy during these several days. The book’s first part was about energy(which I understood very well what it was saying), the second part about was about economy(which I couldn’t understand due to not having a background in economy).
What to read next?

The Power of Now?

Self-Help books? Disgusting…That’s why I like self help books. Because they are disgusting. :star_struck:

It would be something new for you!

Being spiritual is the new “working smart” they say.

In my experience, being spiritual usually means not working at all.

If it is fun, it doesn’t feel like work at all.

Not sure anyone here reads Spanish, but I just found the most depressing short story I read when I was around 12. “Tini” from Eduardo Wilde. It’s from 1881.


Discworld is incredibly good, it’s not really a children-targetted series. It’s comedy and satire about day-to-day situations but in a fictional fantasy world. Im reading the Nightwatch series from Discworld.

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Back in the times, one in two couples would lose at least one child before adult age. Dead children were a common occurence in life, just the way the world was. And then vaccines happened.

I cannot imagine what it must be like for a parent losing a child/children. It must been really hard on them. The closest was the first half of Disney’s “Up” and it was really heart wrenching to watch.

It(Discworld) is a well written series that every book has its own introduction to series. At least the first several ones. Reportedly, Sir Pratchett had been writing stuff long before he started writing the series. There are almost a character for every reader yet it is not a flood and each character gets a proper buildup and has their own characteristics. There’s even a character who T A L K S L I K E T H I S.

Re-reading the very first sf novel I ever read in English, in the below edition even. It held up well, as most of Asimov’s work does.

It’s a bit sad when a forum engine asks this question:

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Yep, I do. Reading is important :wink:


I am reading the Dawn of Everything - it is like a wide-sweeping history of humanity. They go over a whole lot of archeological information to talk about our history as a species. In particular, they seem to focus on how our society evolved as we got more sophisticated. Their biggest contention seems to be against the idea that we need powerful top-down government in order to function at our best.


A gift for my bday from my brother in January.
Haven’t started it, though. I’m still in this one


Been reading Quarter-Share by Nathan Lowell (Series). Just finished the 6th book.