What can i do with this character?

Hey guy I used to play eve a bit a long long time ago. I came back several times over the years and would play a little bit here and there. I mostly sat around planning what to do, and training, but never playing.

Anywho, I haven’t played in years and I’m working on learning all the shiny new things that have been added. I can’t for the life of me remember what I was doing on this character, or what my goal was.

I’m looking for some advice on the kind of ships the character is well suited to fly currently, and some advice on what ships might be reasonably attainable with some further training.


You’ve trained this pilot to fly Gallente/Caldari/Guristas hulls and have excellent skills for Gila and Rattlesnake. You can fly Gallente T2 frigates and cruisers. Social skills and industrial skills are weak.

Where you go from here depends on what you want to do - if you enjoy PVE, you can invest in upgrading skills for the Gila and Rattlesnake, but the skills you already have are more than enough for highsec PVE. You are a month away from a Kronos Marauder.

If you decide to get involved in group combat - PVE or PVP, the group will have doctrines they expect you to fly.

If you decide to get involved in industry, you’re basically starting from scratch!

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you should do what you like/have fun with and adjust the skill queue accordingly. Not the contrary

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