What did people do before skill injectors?

We didn’t spend our money back then. We just hoarded it and then made troll threads like this one. Some things never change.


First of all your character back then barely had any skills available to train right from the start like character’s do now. We had to buy all the ‘Core Fitting Skills’ and ‘Spaceship Command Skills’ that are basically free to new players now.

There also wasn’t any Attribute Remaps available, other than buying Attribute Implants to increase training time players had to buy and train up ‘Learning Skills’.

Also gotta include all the ships and equipment that had to be bought to actually play the game.

So yeah, a lot of time and ISK was invested into characters back then, definitely wasn’t ‘Easy Street’ like it is now.


Just assume i’m lying then, it doesn’t matter does it :stuck_out_tongue:
I know people who **used to make somewhat consistent peaks of around 5bil an hour doing niche stuff that they invented.

What do you do with your isk?

That amount of isk that quick smacks of an exploit or just BS.

Regardless, it seems out of scope for what Dev intends.


And we did this by using whatever we had available.

Can’t fly an interceptor?
Slap together a speedy frigate and use it to lock down targets until friendlies arrive.

Can’t fly an assault frigate?
Load up a combat frigate with either a lot of tank or a lot of firepower.

Sure, the Tech 1 ships are not as good as the Tech 2 ships, but they are MUCH cheaper and give you an idea on what you can get away with using tactics and target selection alone.
And if you can become even slightly deadly in such a “basic” ship, think of what happens when the “sexy skills” are done and you can fly sexy stuff.

You don’t need to “fly the best” to “be the best.” You just need a good idea on what you can and cannot do and work around it.


Reminds me of some funny moments when you’re buddy’s under attack, and whilst you are nearby, the only ship you’ve got is a semi-bling pve ship that you have to quickly refit with whatevers in station, meta mods and all.

Balls to the walls pvp. Either a glorious victory or one hell of an embarrassing loss mail.


Awwww gawd… good times! :smiley:

I remember logging in and being called to a battleship brawl on a gate. All I had on hand was a T1 Executioner (or was a ■■■■-fit Crusader?).
I undocked and headed straight into the melee.

Since I wasn’t able to scratch any battleships, I immediately went out to warp disrupt the Logis just off the gate.
I must have caused someone to scream because as soon as I did that a CLOUD of drones from the battleships started to chase me.

I ended up leading the drones 50+km away from the battle, kept aggressing them so they would continue to chase me, and eventually forced the battleships to abandon their drones (so they could quickly deploy a new wave of drones to damage on the targets in front of them).

That was a very lucrative day! :slight_smile:


This feels like a stealth “look at me and how much isk I made” thread.


Yeah, except for the “stealth” part.


Having a plan for whatever your end goal is, buy the skill books for it and have fun while skilling up.

Just keeping in spirit, I made a whole wagon full of ISK way back,…
Then the game became less fun or even interesting. :slightly_frowning_face:

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What did people do before skill injectors?


We had a lot more fun as the player avg at the time showed. :wink:


We toughed it out. Which is what Eve used to be all about. And not in a “hurrr durr everybody has to play my way” sort of way either. It didn’t matter what you did. Heck, it was one of those things that loaned a sense of kinship among Eve players, even with a proclivity to blow each other up. We all had to do it: wake up at 2AM to get that skill training started, try a logon from work, etc.
Now it’s just “hey somebody had money to buy some ISK la dee dah browser game”.
All three of my unsubbed accounts have lots of unused skill points that were rewarded and multiple free remaps too. Feck it all.


Learning skills FTW.
And I had defender missiles at level 5. Stop laughing.


Well, that wasn’t exactly the most worthless skill in the game…
I think.


Yeah, I trained that skill up to lv 5 as well.

I had a passive shield tank Artycane fit with 2 launchers firing Defender Missiles to knock out NPC missiles in missions, worked rather well to reduce the amount of incoming damage. Actually was cool watching Defender missiles take out the NPC missiles.

Too bad CCP changed those missiles, they were a good counter to incoming missile spam.


We just played the game without instant gratification while having long term goals in the back of our mind. Back then character age meant something even though skillpoints don’t necessarily affect capability.


Back in the day, you earned the right to fly a Battleship. It actually was quite exciting to jump into a battleship after training up the skills to fly it properly, it was something to look forward to.


Until you discovered how slow it was.

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