What disgusts you?

The new skill UI.


The direction CCP seems to be taking the game.


CCP ganking high sec players using lancers with out warnings is just low…The new skills tree as well is sick. Looks like a mobile phone app a potato must of designed it. looks awfull like echoes. Nothing wrong with what they had already. They running it into the ground this time. 12-15k player online that was 2004. Some one needs sacking. They trying to milk whats left. Going for high sec players using lancers is just low. The mining fields as well are crap worth nothing in high sec. You start in high sec as a new player you would think where is everyone?> hoo they in wormhole space every one has vanished. What kind of mind set took over. Making a ghost town in high sec. Why not just remove high sec? nothing worth there anymore, apart from selling things at hubs. Its like the real life world leaders took over this game. Nothing makes sense. Traveling as well between systems is like watching paint dry on a wall well and trully. You would think they speed the warp up with expanding systems and creating wormhole space. Id never invest into this now. They need to shut everything down and start again in simple understanding terms for new players because they have built a pile and a pile on top of each other. The ship art is awsome and the graphics thats all i can say positive and the warfare modules.

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if you weren’t afk maybe the rats wouldn’t have been able to kill you


Angry ranter gotta angry rant

The gameplay. I stopped playing Eve for a while once my character could fly T2 ships and strategic cruisers, because then every single encounter was a gank (one way or the other) or an evasion. After a year of being nothing but prey, I found out that ganking was not more fun than being massacred. I like playing FPSs, and will cringe thru a few roflstomp matches each night so I can enjoy the contentious matches where every flank, revive, and bullet counts. Those good matchups happen once every six months in Eve, when you find that player who really will 1v1 your solo punisher at the sun without reshipping into a garmur or dropping 5 Redeemers.

Why do I stay? I also play strategy games, like Civ or Railway Empires, cuz I like “city building”. But there is no empire building game remotely like Eve, where a player does every single part of the construction, from stupid / genius idea to utter destruction / sovereignty. Love that. But I will (try to) evade any pvp that isn’t about territory. Sorry I missed Dust 514, would have loved playing that while I waited for my gas reactions to finish.

This sounds like your type of game. My mom also recommends Farmville.

why were you prey

this is eve ,one of the first rules of eve , “if you find yourself in a fair fight you have screwed up” if you want boring matches like that there are thousands of other games that will scratch your itch, why come here .

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