What do I need to know as someone who hasn't played in almost 10 years?

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As the title says. I was an avid PVPer in 2008ish, but quit and haven’t really been back since. What’s changed, and what do I need to know to get back into PVP now?

Edit: BTW, are there any tools to help determine how to fit a ship?

(elitatwo) #2
  • you must have 200 accounts to win a fight
  • In highsec NPCs will kill you now
  • Everything costs 4x as before
  • Level 4 mission payout is less
  • If you fight goons, they crash the node to “win”
  • Most ships have changed since Cruicible and I strongly advise to read all the patch notes
  • We have medium, large and x-large stations that you can spam all over the place
  • You must(nt) input-broadcast 20 motherships to make infinite isk like goons and the like
  • You can warp to 0km now
  • We have a fitting simulator in client now

No go out there and be pvper

(Eternal Montage) #3

Oh man where does one begin? There’s just too much. I would maybe watch some youtube videos and read some patch notes, but here’s the cliff notes:

-Battlecruisers & hacs aren’t all anybody flies anymore
-Faction warfare was redone from the ground up and people play it more
-probing is easier
-everything is more expensive but it’s also easier to make isk
-salvage is almost worthless now
-planetary interaction is a thing now but no one really pays attention to it
-they added weird special wormholes
-you can group weapons now lol
-t2 rigs and implants are actually affordable now, go ahead and indulge yourself
-there are level 4 missions called burner missions that you do in frigates and they pay a lot of isk
-pos’es are on their way out and being replaced by citadels, citadels cost more to upkeep but they’re super powerful in fights.
-off grid links are gone now, replaced buy aoe command bursts
-a lot of new ships
-sov was redone from the ground up, better in some ways worse in others
-carriers are way different now and they can only use fighters, no more drones
-dreads can use “little” guns for shooting subcaps
-the rifter went from being the best frigate to one of the worst

I’ll post more if I think of anything else. Welcome back.

(elitatwo) #4

Ah cool, so that’s why a large t2 trimark “only” costs 150 million isk.

(Alirna Arbiter) #5

That would make it one of the mroe expensive, then, no?

(Mina Sebiestar) #6

Ccp look away boting runs rampant.
Ccp supported sp farming too.
Ganking unarmed and unwilling is leet.
Blob or be gone.
If you want to carebear go to null.

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