What do miners think of bots?

And who are you, sir, to tell anyone else how they are allowed to enjoy this game?

The whole point of a sandbox is that every player is allowed to enjoy the game however they want within the limits of the software and the devs’ rules. If you’re not actually interested in participating, that’s fine, if you don’t find tournament-style battles to be fun, that’s fine.

Neither you nor anyone else are obligated to participate, and since the Alliance Tournament has no tangible effect on your personal style of gameplay (aside from providing you more opportunities to gank important and/or valuable targets) then why would you have a problem with it?

What’s it to you if some players decide they want to participate in it, or any tournament, for that matter?

As far as I can tell, the only reason CODE. was affected at all by AT XII is because loyalanon decided to try their hand at competing.

:pensive: [raises a hand to pat Karak on the shoulder]

:expressionless: [lowers hand]

According to Google it’s a song from a metal band, and manicomio is a Spanish/Italian/Galician word for an asylum.

[looks at @safira_jomita’s post again]

…safira, are you aware of what the triple parentheses have been used for, of late? Because if not, then I suggest you edit them out of your post so you don’t get mistaken for some alt-right dirtbag.

Otavech, while I readily admit that CODE. can be annoying as hell, comparing them to the likes of the alt-right is going too far. They don’t harass people for being LGBTQI+, they don’t try to deny anyone their human rights for being different, and they sure as hell haven’t murdered anyone. They are, at absolute worst, a particularly determined group of trolls; trolls who still haven’t descended to the utterly vile nadirs others who share that moniker have dug down to.

Dislike them if you will, but never forget that this is a game and that suicide-ganking other players in their internet spaceships doesn’t make CODE. the scum of the earth.

I agree with this sentiment, but on the other side of that coin before “defending” code and their rights, if they want to role play “bad guy” then they shouldn’t be bothered when people think the worst of them.

I think it’s reasonable that people do think of them in a way that is not flattering, every culture gots a name for the devil, and every individual gots a label for those whom they don’t like, fair enough?

I’m totally not offended, tell us what you really feel.

It’s just a thing of perspective really. For us the bot-aspirants are the devil, they all need to die (in-game). It’s also just extremely fun and hilarious to explode miners. It is only natural that there is a reaction to this. Just always remember, we do offer a way out of the hate cycle as we are reasonable people. Accept James 315 as your Savior, follow the Code and send me 10mil ISK for a mining permit.

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True txs for the heads up

If I ask how many times can the same thing that results in the same outcome provide entertainment?
How many times can a pie in a face be funny, the same joke be laughed at, that is something I guess I can never understand, how the same micro transaction provide any worthwhile entertainment?
But as I posted, we (the other players), are there to keep that 1 seat carousel of entertainment there just for your amusement and the people who get their jollies from it should be more appreciative instead of giving forum hate to try to extract more from an empty activity.

That’s a very good point!

…watches strip miners cycle one more time…


How comes then that I have not seen a single CODE. member in HS in months by now? Heck I even got back to Caldari space that was crawling with CODE. before I moved out to amarr with friends and still none of them in sight.

Oooooh right, because You still are - as You always were - strongest in mouth, debatable in other areas.

(Teasing aside, maybe it’s just my ■■■■ luck as dude from friendly corp claims to have seen Ya in action in Ice system couple jumps away, that or he cannot tell apart CODE. from normie suicide gankers)

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Looks like business as usual to me? James owns highsec, but his agents don’t have to be in every system all the time, that would just be silly. Instead, they’ll just wait for you to come down the Niarja or Uedama pipelines and gank you at their leisure, if you’re breaking The Code.

If you would like to claim a portion of highsec for yourself, feel free to do so, but if you don’t have the power to back up your claim, no-one will take you seriously. For example, lets say you claimed a single system in Amarr highsec, but people kept mining all your asteroid belts dry before you could mine any yourself, would you have the power to stop those people from stealing your ore? I’ve personally seen CODE. lock down entire systems, at their leisure, and stop all PvE activities from taking place there, can you do the same?

Gibberish is the prefered miner language.

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I for once am not claiming to own any high sec system in the first place.

And they claim to own WHOLE of a high sec, despite the fact that there is alot of high sec systems that have never seen a single code agent.

And then systems I was referring too used to be known for extremely high activity of code agents so lack of them there seems… intriguing.

looks at the killboard

ah right they have just basically moved out of areas I used to see them in, somewhere else. I suppose there aren’t any miners left to harass on this side of the forge…

still, far from “owning” whole of the high sec which is what CODE. was always claiming and never really have shown off to have that kind of manpower to actually try to even enforce :wink:

PS. there is exactly one system I have seen CODE. ever locking up and it was hardly “at their leisure” as it was organised way in advance annual event - burn Jita (speaking of which are they still doing these?)

Killing miners just never gets old.


And with this weak sauce response that’s supposed to get me to “react” is typical when you are holding nothing.

Not sure but he might be genuine or at least genuine plus as a side happy to harvest some salt out of you. It is like you asking “doesn’t Counter-Strike gets old? doesn’t shooting people in it get old? don’t headshots get old?” and the answer is, nope, if you are into it you can play on a daily or weekly basis for literally years or even decades and it will not get old or at most for short periods only or in short: “it just never gets old”.

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I’m not sure what you mean. You asked me and I gave you a genuine answer. Killing miners in hilarious and it never gets old. May not be your thing, but I enjoy it.

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I call it a win.


I can appreciate this. I really enjoy watching CONCORD swoop in and take out my attacker. Maybe we can work together here- you take out my Venture, and I watch CONCORD do their thing… :slight_smile:

It’s win/win.


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