What do you miss about Eve that is now gone?

Just don’t say things that aren’t so pointlessly incorrect if you don’t want to be corrected, is all.

Also, you understand that when you try to tell people that they’re not allowed to post on an open forum it isn’t really a power move, right? There just isn’t any way to follow up and it just makes you look kind of impotent when the obvious thing happens and your not-actually-enforceable edicts are ignored. If you don’t want to engage in open debate, then don’t. Screaming “troll” at anyone who disagrees with you is just silly.


They need to tear down this game and build a New Eve!!!
I loved this game but they need to

You must be delusional, you never corrected me of anything and everything I posted was correct.

One thing is for sure, I’m sick and tired of you constantly trolling me and if you continue to stalk and harass me here in the forums I’ll report you to customer service.

Refusing to obey your orders that I’m not allowed to respond to you isn’t harassment. Sorry, but you don’t actually have any right to tell me where I am and am not allowed to post. I’ve said nothing inappropriate to you and your whole, “Grrr, someone has disagreed with me, that’s not allowed and is TROLLING!” shtick is tired.


Yeah, I’ve heard of OLD old Aura. She was much more SHODAN/GlaDOS-like back in those days, eh?

When I speak of missing old aura voice, I mean just the previous voice actress, all of whose lines were replaced a year or two ago… but old old Aura sounds cool, too. Same actress as mk II, I think, but different/additional lines. mk III’s okay… skill training complete is still nice to hear…

But “warp drive active” and docking request accepted/rejected/whatever… all of those things you hear the most often sounded so much better before the re-recording.

I bought one for the hell of it and used it to deploy some command centers for PI in HS when I was fairly new.

The only thing it has going for it is a 2000 m3 2x command center hold when the Epithal can’t hold a single command center to deploy unless you cargo expand the hell out if it in both lows and rigs, I think.

ofc, there’s other t1 indies + BRs+DSTs you can easily deploy command centers from, but not every newb has access to all of those.

Oh, and the Primae looks like a Noctis with a different colorscheme. But then again now so does a Porpoise, so… hey, speaking of which… t2 Noctis salvage ship, ccpls! and t2 salvaging drones, too, kthxplz.


Ehh Id like a Triglavian Salvage Barge.

Yes I made it up just there but it would look sweeeeet

Triglavian everything is fine by me… most are talking about them adding a Command Ship and Marauder and calling it a day (and that’d be okay), but… what about Recons? Cov Ops or Bombers? or yeah, a Salvager…

HOWEVER… how about flyable shield-tanked Drifter BS and cruiser first, so our precursor ship/weapon skill training comes even more in handy and my CEO can stop having his soul crushed by CCP’s armor-love (Nestor, Leshak… still no shield combat/RR BS for example). :wink:

Or bear with me


or or

Expanding Sphere Generators

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There seems to be plenty of self righteous indignation and accusations of trolling occuring here; time for popcorn.

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I propose that @Haulie_Berry and @DeMichael_Crimson duke it out at one of the stars while some streamer provides live feed of duel. :popcorn: :smiling_imp:

ESG FTW! \o/

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  • Can flipping
  • Scanning down and ganking offgrid booster, changing the outcome of a battle.
  • stealing POS passwords
  • fielding capitals to destroy structures
  • the feeling of an infinite sandbox universe without rules

I miss Aura (Caroline Dalton) and the jukebox.



I don’t miss anything. The UI was crap, there was less content, and the people were as wonderful as they are in today’s EVE. I see a lot of improvement over the EVE from 2009.

Miss the coming out of nowhere posts by Grandpa Bill. For example:

#21- 2013-06-11 17:48:49 UTC

Grandpa Bill wrote:

You know bein on the sidelines of a war or a fight in general has its advantages and thats the way I like to be. You see back in the day you had this conflict or this war and personally I dont like to get mixed up in such things. If its someone else doin the fightin and it dosnt involve me, then why should I join in?

But in my era we did what we had to do and that was that.

This reminds me of a story about this lady down the hall and her fight with a nurse. You see we have this there male nurse here at the home who thinks he is a doctor. Well most of the time he is correct, well some of the time I suppose. There were this one time he gave me some milk of magnesia when I were not feelin too good and I tell you what. That there almost put me in the hospital! I was runnin to the bathroom like that bolt fella runs on the tv! Well come to find out what he gave me was wrong and the Doctor couldn’t understand what he were doin to think that it would help. But I told him, that fella nurse is only human and he cant always be right. He even told me he were sorry fer makin a mistake, but I told him it were int he past and that was that.

My Son is coming in today to pay the medical bills here. I’m going to keep an eye out fer him because last time he didn’t stay to visit! So Im going to sit up front and see when he gets here. My Grandson Billy comes by quite often. That boy is growin up fast I tell ya. He used to ride his bike down to see me when I lived at the house down the road from him but since my son thought it best I say here, it made it harder on the boy. Well this summer he got himself a motorbike that he can zip across town on it and now I get to see the boy quite often. He’s a good kid.


I miss sleeping all night without having to get up to pee

now I just use plastic sheets :stuck_out_tongue:


Started in 2003. Gave my 1st account to a friend after I decided to quit Eve. That’s when I realized that, at least back then, you didn’t quit Eve, you just took long breaks.

This time though, I don’t know if I’ll ever start playing again. Skill injection was the final straw for me I think.

Things I miss -

SomerBlink (had some good time in that channel)
The brutality of the early game where “Warp to 0” on a gate was non-existent
The days before inflation

The list goes on and on

Honestly, if they introduced a new server where everyone could start over all at the same time, I would jump at it. Imagine a “New” New Eden that is populated only by new characters in Ibis’s. Sov would be completely open. The frigate/destroyer/cruiser fights that would ensue…

The first corp to get a capital…

For a while, it would be heaven. Then, eventually, it would stagnate again, but it would be some much fun in that interim period!


Whilst I have a previous rant in this very thread, I have to admit finally, that the thing I miss the most, is my love for my fellow pilots.