What do you miss about Eve that is now gone?

Mine spam

I miss the people I used to play with. The game itself is better than ever.

BoB and their devs
Proper doomsday
No Chinese macros

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Easier industry, tongue in cheek ladies and gents, tongue in cheek. Nearly 2 year its been running, wow.

I miss the game we had before CCP started removing content every patch. Theres seriously less to do in this game then there used to be.

I also miss when CCP had a ■■■■■■■ clue. They are so out of touch with their own game. Its infuriating how little CCP communicates. It’s like, they cant figure out what players want, we tell them, then they just ignore it and do whatever makes Hilmar the most money.


Hilmar Ty bydlaku!

I missing real PvP in EVE.
What these kids do nowadays isn’t PvP, it’s just lazy cloaky ambush.
That’s what I’m missing in EVE. Players who know how to engage in PvP.

Can’t miss anything as I’m new.
It’s a bummer to miss things in video games because they were taken out. I’m glad I don’t have that issue with Eve online.

I miss everything about EVE before Rattati and his manifesto destroyed the player driven sandbox and drove me to stop playing and paying for 6 monthly sub. Rattati did not just destroy the sandbox, he destroy well over a decade of my time and money invested in EVE. Rattati talk so much crap about making EVE more new player friendly so they will stick around but tells loyal cash paying customers, that disagree with him and his manifesto to quit playing EVE.


Where are the asteroid belts and why are they gone?

Maybe the triglavians stole them as nobody was willing to pay the ransom. :upside_down_face:

I miss the hunting of other players alts while they hunted mine! No Concord back then. :smirk: Who had the most info on the other fleet usually won.

I miss being excited to loot a pirate bpc in a ded site. Since I can’t build them anymore its just more trash.


Alot of players who got “snatched” during their down time or break, were furious to be sent to Pocheven.

I have multiple stories on one channels where dozens of old timers came back and found everything was in Pocheven, or their stations thought safe were converted and turned into upwells and destroyed.

Many out of frustration just quit. This is one of the major problems that is now plaguing the game. And must be fixed.


from what i hear a class action lawsuit was attempting to be organized over this and other issues

:rofl: Just a rumor, never going to happen. You agree to the terms before you can log in.



I think someone on ccp was inspired by wow shadowlands. And copied WoW’s latest changes to make crafting a massive pita.

Halfway there so the tin foil fits. in wow alchemy never loses money. its the one crafting trade they haven’t jacked up.

In eve I get free daily potion…err… combat drug. And they made it easier than years past. So alchemy, err drug manufacturing has to be decent I gather. They are hard selling it for sure. I even learned biology on a char I had no desire too. just to clean these damn drugs out of the redemption window lol.

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That seems a tad racist, as macros have been in the game since day one. You don’t mind the English ones because you speak English?

It was more expensive to play Eve then. $209 a year then vs $131.40 now, faux pas.

eve players ???..