What do you miss about Eve that is now gone?

working economy.

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Building Retrievers and having players actually buy them.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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station in sov space, a safe point even if you are pointed

“Player Driven Economy” which is supposed to have existed

Wars that actually had a meaning other than structure grinding or burning the trash of dead structures out of space.

i miss being able to wardec a corp regardless of if they owned a structure,


I love picking the spacey background noise/music while I did things solo


I want to say walk in station…but really I just wanted the finish product/dream i imagined it would be as I remember hoping some kind of secondary game integration… plus blackjack, dancers, and beer!!!
(I don’t know like boarding parties to take over someone’s ship instead of destroying the ship, you kill the driver/pod and take their ship!) settled in a fps environment lolz and this could of been applied to pirate npc’s

Basic levels of competence and quality assurance


I miss the giant, perma ice fields. Small communities used to form around these and it made the universe feel way more persistent. I hate the way ice is farmed now…

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wow for sure

Okay, I’m going to say it… Yesterday’s daily login! :rofl:


I’m skeptical of that premise. E.g., you’d miss the fitting simulation. There have been many balance changes that were responsive to then-new tactics players created, which if you undid would result in terrible imbalance, now that everybody knows those tactics. Probably a lot of things, really.

WoW did that. Everybody always complained that the original game was so much better until eventually they launched “WoW Classic” that was almost entirely just a revert. Turned out it was terrible and annoying because there were a million bug fixes and conveniences that people had gotten used to that were suddenly gone again.

i play both wow and eve… i never liked the #nochanges crowd, SOM is perfect example of changes are needed, wow classic only did well from nostalgia, but i was one of the few who said changes were needed like class balance / gear and what did classic and SOM become?

a warrior/mage simulator

eve is EVE to me…I don’t know why I like it, but I like it. i do feel like most changes move this game forward overall, but I feel like most of those changes come to slow (like the battleship buff as recent example that should of happen long time ago)

still would love more updated ship models also.

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UI wise I really miss the in-game web browser. The ol’ alt+tab does the trick, but there was something about having browser window right inside the game. I really miss that.

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What do I miss most? My finger. A worm hole ate it a few years ago when I tried the touching the worm hole on the screen.


The $14.95 subscription cost…


Roaming lowsec in a myrmiddon and not getting hard countered by 10 folks all at the same time…

Human players.

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This thread turns three years old soon.

My thoughts have changed a lot, I’m less cynical now than I was in 2019.

I do keep the idea that not all change is for the better and incremental steps towards something new means giving up something of the old. I do miss the old but I thank everyone for expressing their opinion in this thread and sharing their ideas.