What do you miss about Eve that is now gone?

True it’s gone for good just like Princess is gone for good!

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I’m pretty sure @Aiko_Danuja will be back to interacting with you the moment you pay her 1 bil ISK.


That girl is poison :popcorn:

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It was a three year old, still somewhat active, thread about how CCP f’d up pirate sub cap production. Anything they do that doesn’t put it back like it was since launch is less than optimal. Closing the thread was chickensh¡t.

Still waiting to see the next thread will become the new top contender!

New items are being added to the NES?

And which old items are being removed?

The only new item I saw in the NES was a free - 7 Days Omega Time - available until June 20…

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Yeah been busy for most of the day logging in alts

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Yeah, for the Omega time…

But your post was about old apparel items in the NES being switched for new ones…

Just wondering if that’s official info and is there a link to it?

Woman’s Red Heels :high_heel: is what that was about and do you know when those were taken out of the store?


Also the woman’s tights was taken out and then I had seen the other colours being added.

I’m sure you have those.

@DeMichael_Crimson I guess your busy but seen you online 10 minutes ago yet I sit here waiting for you to acknowledge me senpai

Contact wasn’t accepted:(

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Was busy collecting my free Omega time…

Anyway, umm… yeah, I already have those apparel items. To be honest, I can’t exactly remember what all was in the NES but to the best of my recollection it doesn’t look like any items have been changed out.

Course I could be wrong… :wink:

You don’t remember the red shoes being in the store?

/si the red shoes in the store is what I currently miss and would rather see more colours there like blue? Perhaps.

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Well, I did notice a few days ago there’s an empty inventory slot down at the bottom of the page… so yeah it’s possible, probably just overlooked them since they’re already in my collection.