What do you think Eve will look/be like in the year 2033? - Win a Gila

What do you think what Eve will be like in the year 2033, when it enters its 4th decade? Post your opinions in the comment of the video here (don’t forget your ign names!) for a chance to win a Gila: Eve Online Abyssal PVP Arena 25 - 2033 - YouTube

I will summarize all these answers and post them here/on reddit so that we can see if it came true or not. This will be an interesting project.
The reason I do this is because in the year 2033 the request to bring back the old abyssal arena will have lasted longer than the request for the Stain gate and thus beeing most likely the longest actively run request in the game.

Easily dwarfed by the request to make the Helios not ugly, which they made happened during the Trinity expansion.

Rest in Peace


A candle would require a running server hosting something Eve.

Helios is not ugly, just like the Cheetah it has an asymmetric practical ‘function over form’ look which perfectly matches the purpose of the ship as a small exploration vessel.

Go fly Amarr if you want pretty looking gold plated symmetrical ships. Or fly Caldari, if you cannot stand the superior aestetics of asymmetric Gallente and Minmatar ships.

Will it exist? That’s 3 years after we will own nothing and we will be happy


It used to use the Maulus hull, now it’s the Imicus hull. I’d say that that’s a step back.

Aw thats my candle … enter to frame … let me take it out

Players will be complaining that Eve was so much better back in 2021 before CCP ruined it.

Despite a plethora of amazing player skins, 90% of all new skins will still suck.

CCP will finally remove the old POS code, which will inexplicably format everyone’s boot drives. We’ll get a lore trinket commemorating the debacle.

The official Eve forums will be migrated to Geocities. No dev will ever go there.

The Mittani will still be doing the metashow… from the whitehouse.

Gila fan boys will still throw the Gila at everything.

okay. That’s enough predictions. I need to roll.


Same as now with more players. The forum will still be plagued with ‘EVE is dying’ and ‘Ganking boohoo’ threads while the usual ‘CCP is evil’ threads would have been replaced by 'Pearl Abyss is evil threads and Shipwreck Jones will still be trying to help posters best he can.


Eve is certainly compatible with owning nothing, but is it compatible with being happy?

By 2033?

The IP will be sold off by PA, likely to a Chinese gacha dev, after consistently failing to meet revenue requirements. Possibly merged with EVE Echoes, if that’s still around, and turned into a full PvE-only mobile game with loot crates (separate arena mode to capitalize on E-sports, which will be a multi-hundred-billion-dollar industry in Asia by that point).

A bunch of community fanatics along with a couple of ex-CCP devs will get hold of the game’s source code and run an illegal community server with ~2008 engagement rules, with a population that will never exceed like 3,000 active players.


So, when the year 2033 comes around, the person who guessed correctly gets a gila?



In 2033 there will be no eve.
ccp will just be IP rights and such held by the Huawei Conglomerate which bought ccp from PA after the rejoining of north and south. PA had made so much money brokering foodstuffs and setting up entertainment for the former north they just kind of lost interest in the video game business.
Hilmar was reached at his beachside villa near Reykjavik by the niche r/evegripe group for comment on the long-awaited “EvEin2033” situation. Between sips of Icelandic yoghurtbeer, Hilmar said “Why should I care? That is all in the past. You’re still hanging on to that? Now if you’ll excuse me, Narwhal racing is almost on and my team is doing well this year.” before ending the Holocom.


IKR! Sounds like a scam or a bad attempt to get more views and comments on his video.

Is there a longer term roadmap of upcoming plans for Eve?

I assumed “Win A Gila” would be what the game is renamed to.

thats not true, winners will be picked next Sunday, its not a scam or attempt to get more views etc.

It will involve Gilas. A lot of Gilas.

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By 2033 a first contact group that includes eve players will communicate with aliens who will share some of their knowledge and technology they think is harmless. Capsuleers will be real. Horror, madness, and hilarity will ensue as Eve players spread throughout the cosmos…and of course the inevitable complaints that the universe is dying.