What does 1 damage/hit-point equal?

I am wanting to calculate just how powerful the ships of new eden are in terms of damage and how much damage they can take. To do that I need to figure out what 1 hit point or damage is relatable too.

Any suggestions on where I can find out these numbers?

Well it depends on a few factors:
Do you want to know what 1 hit point of damage is from a Small, Medium or Large turret/missile launcher?

What turret type are you using?
Auto-cannons/Artillery? Pulse/Beam Lasers? Railgun/Blaster turrets? Missiles?

Also, what damage type are you using?
Are you using EMP, Thermal, Kinetic or Explosive damage types?

I think he’s trying to compare 1 unit of damage to a real life measurement.
I don’t think anyone knows, though.

1 hit point is 1 point taken from the HP pool of the ship after being hit by something that does 1 HP damage after resistances. The weapon or damage type is irrelevant here.

As to what 1 HP equates to in real physics, I have no idea.


One thing I do know, though, is that minmatar small guns are bigger than the biggest guns we have ever built IRL.
-and they rapid-fire the bullets.

There is no official information but there are plenty of mathematically inclined people who have done guesstimates in the past, for example here (and that has couple of more links to previous similar threads):

I am saying what would 1 damage be comparable too. We measure explosives in pounds of tnt, so how much do you think 1 damage would be in eve (pounds of tnt)

1 hitpoint = 104.57 kg

699,883.9 kg = 1 ton of tnt

6692 kg = 1 hitpoint

1 t1 rocket = 220868 kg of force

So 1 rocket in eve probably does about 1/3 ton of tnt worth of damage.

If we convert this equation into different weapons we get really how powerful these weapons can be.

The largest missile in eve is the standup super heavy torpedo, which does 72000 damage in 1 blast. Which equals 688 tons of tnt.

This is like getting hit by this 7 times in the same instant:

Looking at doomsday weapons that do 1 million damage it is about 9556 tons of tnt. This is where I think I messed up, because a doomsday would not even be comparable to a modern nuke.

Pls do your own calculations and find what you get. I looked at the amount of hit points in certain ships (only hull and armor) and then took the mass and divided by hit points to get pounds (transferred into kg) per hit point.


First, most likely 1hp is a form of energy. I say that, because your guns use some Capacitor (which is, energy : GJ ).

Now you may know that some weapons also use ammo. In that case it means that the weapon has potential energy (chemical typically).

If you are aware of physical law, “nothing is created, nothing is lost - all is transformed” That means that one HP of damage is equal to at LEAST the capacitor use to create this one HP.
So just get the table of lasers, and find out what is the best ratio Damage/capacitor for a shot for a fit. eg if a guns uses 1GJ and produces 100 damage, that means one HP is at least 10MJ.


You gave yourself the best answer in the thread

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You must have missed that episode of Nazi Megastructures.

thats a good show

Just imagine getting smartbombed. XD

See, When we talk about the largest missle and look at the sheer capital cracking potential it makes sense, but why isnt the doomsday more powerful or as powerful as a nuke?

Well in previous similar threads people have gone with the only scalable and quantifiable baseline, and calcluated from there. That is, a planet called Reschard V was struck by the Avatar doomsday (the old, AoE one, to be specific), and people have estimated from that based on similar effects described and estimated based on asteroid impacts, which we can also quantify in TNT.

https://forums-archive.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=422905 (Power of EVE weaponry)

Someone says 1 HP is 4,000 megatons damage, if they had their math right.


if 1 HP equals 4000 megatons, that means just about every ship in eve can withstand most nuclear weapons, which does not sound right.

For instance, 1HP for every ship would mean a different thing. You have to take ship size into consideration and then the makebelievium they are built out of and how much stress they can withstand.
I honestly doubt you can quantify a general guideline to what 1HP is in terms of TNT equivalent, simply because the game was not built with that kind of consistency in mind.

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1 hp is one dead guy

Ship size has nothing to do with it. A raven or a caracal with 15k shields have the same amount of shields, require the same amount of TNT to destroy as long as the blast is focused enough.

Resists and signature are irrelevant to finding the value of 1 hp. As seen in game, 1 dmg is always 1 dmg, then the application formula happens.

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yes if it is by size then there would be frigates that can take on titans or vice versa. It doesn’t make sense