What drones do you use for WH Sleepers?

I’m wondering which drones to use, it’s been some time since I’ve last looked into them. Gallente seems to have all the firepower, but since Sleepers often are much spread and far away, I guess speed is just as an important factor. I’m considering using the Gila for C2 farming, and maybe C3 if it’s strong enough.

That sounds fine to me. The Gila or her big brother can make use of their drones, especially if you happen to stumble on a black hole or pulsar effect hole.

My advice is Caldari Navy Vespas but stay clear of class 3 sleeper relic and data sites. The Gila will not be able to handle those very well.

Drones are in general a bad choice against Sleeper. But if you really need to, then use Sentries.


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