What escalates to what?

I know this is technically not a ships and modules post but idk where to put it. I just started doing combat anoms in my tengu in lowsec. I was looking at the description of the Serpentis Forlorn Den on eve wiki. Saw that it “escalated” to a 5/10. I actually got an escalation on my first run, but realized that I got a 7/10. https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Serpentis_Forlorn_Den
The page for the escalation says the correct thing though
Serpentis Paramilitary Complex - EVE University Wiki
There are other errors I have found too, as some pages are not consistent with others.
Just want to know if anybody has had firsthand experience with low-sec Serpentis Anoms that can tell me some stuff.

It’s a lot of trial and errors.
Some also escalate but are worth nothing.

you can use the ig notepad to write down your escalations.

Quite a few of them are listed here, the first table has a column showing x/10 which is the difficulty the site escalates to, a bit further down the page are the sites for each difficulty/region.


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Yeah, I guess I can use that as a base for my notes and add through trial and error from there.

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