What Eve is like for a new player

Key binds without knowledge of tactics don’t mean a lot

Training all the skills by any means doesn’t make anyone a better player. The skills only allow access to hulls/mods/etc. The real improvement in piloting comes from experience. A two day-old character who spends real money to acquire the usual Tornado gank fit (I’ve seen a few of those) can and will be killed by a vet in a 40M frigate before he knows what is going on.

It may be difficult to see, because it is not fed to players via missions, but the living story is there, and the lore is rich and has its own website.

Knowledge is everything in Eve and that is very demanding on a new player, especially with this Chaos thing currently. It can indeed be very frustrating to die to ships you don’t even see on your Overview. But the Rookie Help channel is always available for answers.

I agree with you that “careers” is not the right word, they are not like professions or classes in other games, but rather activities you can combine to provide income. The game is not centered on making ISK, unless you want it to be. Instead you define your own goals and ambitions - perhaps the biggest challenge when starting out in our sandbox.

The game has always been subscription based. Perhaps ccp was too generous when designing the alpha clone, leading new players to wrong expectations. Alpha status is a glorified demo that takes months to play. Calling alpha pointless is harsh. When the first Emerging Conduit popped up I hooked up with a new buddy, fitted two drakes for mutual shield boosting and ran a few of these new anoms. It was exciting and successful, although our characters have around 3M skill points each (mine is an alpha clone).

Finding the right corp and the right people takes time and is very much based on luck. In 2011 I was mining in Pimebeka, greener than my pod fluid. A small fleet came in that helped me fight off a few rats. I was offered membership in their corp, joined and ended up living in nullsec for four incredible years, with more things going on than I could handle at times. Eve is not pve or pvp, it is a social interaction game foremost. If the public in one pub in the street doesn’t feel right for you, go to another and better one. Eventually you will find your spot.

An old ccp video, but still very true. Hoping you’ll give it another shot. o7
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Given the attitude you show in your OP, I’m not surprised.

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Yeah lol it seems the guy didn’t even try going to Rookie chat or General Help.
And there’s metric ton of people giving their all to answer questions and explain everything in both of these. I think I can safely assume it’s true or similar for non-English Help chats.
I happen to know that because I am one of those guiding people, even if very little lately. I know what is going on in those chats, what should still be happening 24/7. So it makes me really surprised how the OP did manage not seeking for help when Rookie chat is default opened chat each login for the 1st month of the game? How do you do that for a full month and at the very least in PvP regard don’t get at least “join a corp, they will teach you advice”?
And I just logged to see his employment history to check exactly that.
He never left NPC corp and what’s more it’s the freaking CAS!! The 4 times or so better new player retention corp than any other in the game, exactly because of how helpful they are.

do that?
And say other players aren’t interested in you? Did you ignore every possible chat and just hoped for someone random in lowsec to help? Only local matters because you think no one else can be nearby?
Or like other people say it here, you were such a needy asshole it’s no wonder.

You can buy isk so nothing matters? For sure spoken by someone who didn’t spend a cent.
Spending is never enough. Sooner or later ISK from 500 or 1000 plex is not enough. Because for 1 thing with someone stupidly stubborn enough it can be lost in days or hours. I’ve seen a newbie begging for isk for battleships so he could pretty much lose another one in lowsec, because every new guy thinks bigger is by default better. And way, way more people losing isk to scams, taking for example contracts advertised as super easy cash, go haul this for easy isk for example. 100% freighter gank contracts, yet with no zkill loses from most of the victims, which even made me wonder if they realized they need a freighter at all or do they even have skills for one. And everybody has seen super deals, get a VNI for great price. Except in final contract it’s just a Vexor and this crap is spammed because sooner or later it works.

But going back, once you use your wallet, it’s very easy to want this and that and train that alt for this and another for that, it never ends. And gets really expensive. And later you see, oh that alt has still that little skills, oh that industry idea somehow bleeds isk instead of multiplying it. Using real wallet somehow isn’t as efficient as it seems to be at start and by no means it’s the only key to the game. Expensive key.
That’s exactly what I quickly got into within 1st months of starting the game, and kept at it to lesser degree for a while. I’ve surely spent over 1000 USD in maybe 2+ years.
Your pain with isk being something that can be bought and that’s bad is your presumption and nothing else.
Depending on point of view 1 or 2 bil of isk isn’t that great. Well I’m not saying that people who earned it through playing are terrible because after all it is a worthy accomplishment and anyone who has done that should feel great.

Key bindings? What is this, League of Legends? Keys from F1 to F5 and more are super secret master technique unobtainable by most? You said you don’t even know how you get killed most of the time, so how keys matter in all that? On the other hand I’ve seen a guy get 97% dangerous on zkill through flying alpha Incursus frigate. Because he has knowledge who he can face and how to face to get to that.
Or talked directly with a player who got 100 killmarks on a single ship, with fully legit zkill record, with most victims being different people. Except it was done in a Venture. Oh hey newbies don’t expect that from a venture in lowsec but more so do you right? The killer got really upset because at 100 the 10 kill mark row and 1 kill mark row, all of them just merged into a slightly bigger, but just one mark.

All those accusations and it’s clear OP just only touched the surface of the game.

And there are things that disappoint me or enrage me too in this game.

E-penis enthusiasts who can’t even contain themselves within the game with their griefing, they chase random, often new players on the forums just to stuff in their remark, with nothing to back up their opinion. They just hate that someone dares not to be asshole elitist like they are.

I’ve seen 1st hand how Goons survived annihilation of Bee War, through simple sheer amount of denying content, until all pursuers didn’t want to chase them to Delve when they moved. Brilliant strategy that allowed them to grow big enough again, to from what I know, prematurely end next war just to keep content for themselves for the future. And that 1 guy screwing thousands of his corp mates during that.
I’ve been with my old wormhole PvP corp, after the last struggle, the last lost battle, facing eviction, and suddenly getting rescued by Hard Knocks and their armada of Sabres and Legions. Out of nowhere.
They just happened to see a stream of us being evicted and badmouthed.
Did you say there is no story in this game? Oh Hard Knocks getting evicted themselves later is another story. That started with careful seeding and offlining over 30 freighters in their home system, over the span of about half a year.
And yet after years I couldn’t anymore stand clearly apparent spy paranoia in every corp I’ve been in. I stay in NPC corp for last 2 years because of that, flying solo for PvE and CASMA mining fleets every now and then. And I still want to stay in NPC corp, because my trust isn’t back enough yet.

PvE. I get annoyed by isk/h elitists. In the end I’ve had successful isk making, my best achievement being 6 toon T2 rig making with 1bil a day budget per each toon and up to 200mil a day income per toon. Even if I over-complicated it so it didn’t last that long. So I don’t care about ISK anymore, I just keep enough spare. I don’t ever pay for omega time. Going sp farm costs me up to about 300mil a month to be omega. I have enough skills for now. That’s to stop the excess real money spending I wrote about earlier. I have to stop it completely or I know I will regress back to it if I pay for anything.
But there’s more to isk/h elitists annoying me - last year I am even happy with alpha, happy with my strange ideas like of Gnosis I used for both combat sigs and hacking sites… in the damn highsec.
During that I wanted PvE content ASAP, both combat and hacking as I enjoyed getting to know combat sigs in a different region and how to blitz them and I’ve always liked hacking. I did not care about isk but the ship paid for itself 4 times it’s cost anyway. And I got to know there’s level IV relic sites in highsec, even if their payout doesn’t exceed 10mil. Shared multiple Sleeper Caches info as well and got paid for that too. That weird, often being refitted Gnosis in a stupid highsec which elitists like to scorn so much made me simply happy. So I don’t need elitist ideas pushed on me.

At the same time PvE is another big issue. With exception to hacking which has random map each time, all of PvE comes to F1 and F2 keys. Lock F1 kill, lock F1 kill, F2 burn here, that’s all to it. You figure it out and every site is done exactly same way. It’s just a mindless boring grind, unless using different ship with broader access and fit to test can make it interesting anew. For a while.

And then there is that April Fools joke about bot AI from recent years. Ridiculing every helpful thing newbies could use. Aura compared to that is below mud level, and useless for me, I have her muted. And yet these few years later big topic is new player retention. I wish I could laugh at that, the irony right, but it just continues to only annoy me.
There’s also 1 corp in game with useful AI - the Signal Cartel of Eve Scout. Their AI literally provides recent information in visited systems, in voice from what I know. Any known stranded people present in system as well. So we can say in the end something should hold hand of new players, like OP wanted but not as much of course. And even then based on his circumstances OP still has no excuse.

  1. disagree, there are much more points if someone wins or loses a fight its not all about key binds lol but i get ur Point

  2. 100% agree and it sucks

  3. well there is a lore but its not really in the game lmao

  4. this is not true, remember eve is a mmorpg and if u Play it as a solo game prepare to die! get some Friends and a corp to Play with and u will see it will be much easier for you!

and again a mmorpg is not designed to be played solo! the core of any mmorpg is the interaction with other Players! Skyrim is a solo game, eve online isnt!

  1. the careers are more to get People into the game and Show em their Options! eve is a sandbox mmo, Players create their own Content!

  2. why should they? give em a reason, its not that hard to find some Friends! it took me 2minutes to find a corp! we doing fleet/mining Events, we fight together and i can tell u that Group Content is alot of fun! and again we are at the Point that eve is a mmorpg and mmos are designed to be enjoyd together with other Players, no solo!!

  3. well Alpha is more like a try the game Service! there are no real free to Play mmos! there are only Trial versions like Alpha clone that lets u Play some aspects of the game and if u like it u can Play the full game and Play for it as Omega! all the other mmos that let u f2p are p2w if u look Closer!

well i can really understand most of ur Points and in my eyes eve is a dying Shell! it can be saved because its the only game of its Kind but in my eyes it doensnt Looks like this that ccp really wants to safe it!!

btw im a pretty new player too, playing now for almost 4months and yea, trig Invasion, p2w stuff really sucks and i Always think About quitting the game! at any time i would leave this game for eve online classic server! but thats just me and this is my opinion! i really hate myself that i never gave eve online a true Chance back in the day :frowning:

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I don’t completely agree with all of it but it sounds about right. I definitely agree about the lack story and no social “hook” to the game. I think the market has hurt the career agent missions since it’s more efficient to just buy the stuff you need instead of harvesting or making stuff.


100% correct on all counts and the worst part is that its all by design. For every positive thing CCP does for EVE they do five things that ruin the experience for everyone. I’ve never seen a company so hellbent on destroying their own creation, but here we are. Hopefully the Koreans will do a better job.


EvE online gameplay videos look awesome!
Game graphics is great!
When u start playing… U face many timers, pointless game mechanics and totally broken economy.

I don’t know, im really new to the game and I’ve enjoying it a lot

Glad to hear that…!

Most can say many negative things about EVE but regardless of that, it’s still an amazing game with no real rival.

Fly safe!


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Yeah I know, I posted a screenshot on Reddit telling my adventures as a new player and i saw some negative comments. Bust most of the guys there were really supportive

I guess joining a good corp (not a scam/ idiots or one of the mega blobs where you are cannon fodder and meaningless) early on is very important.
It’s true you can buy isk and all jobs don’t feel important. If you play solo or in a mega bloc where individuals don’t matter. If you are in a small group trying to survive in null sec and/ or have an important role to fulfill, the experience is totally different. As for playing with your wallet- unless you are a millionaire the guy with some friends and market knowledge is gonna be richer in-game.
Example- we did a market manipulation back when plex was around 1 bil and earned something like 150b+ in 3 months. 2-3 thousand $. Maybe pennies for some, but for people in east europe that’s 2-3x salary (can’t buy this much isk).


I think the key for everyone, and while everyone’s will be different, is to have a goal/plan. FC or indy guy or explorer or pirate or professional ship spinner, direction is important.

Without that the sandbox is pretty pointless.

This is a bunch of horse crap.


By that I mean you’re wrong

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I’ve found that the key to enjoying EVE is being able to set your own goals. Decide what you want to do and go out and make that happen. If you are someone who needs to have goals fed to you by the game so that you can react to them, chances are you won’t like EVE very much.

PVE missions do this a little bit, but mostly they work as a source of income. If you join a corp, your fellow corp members may partially provide you with a set of “goals” in the form of invitations to help them out, fleet up, etc. Mostly, however, I think EVE works best for independent people, and many or most corps expect you to be able to operate that way as well.

It’s somewhat common for new players to complain about a lack of a sense of “progression” in EVE, and I’ve always found that a little bizarre. I guess that would make sense if you are someone that needs to be told what to do, even in a game, but why would you want that? It’s a game; it exists to serve your enjoyment, not for you to be the slave of some piece of software.

I you like just being a mindless robot, then I suppose there are games out there that may fill that purpose, but that’s not EVE. Learn the game mechanics, apply your imagination, and go out there and do something in this vast, complex sandbox.

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I’m not sure what you mean by a “broken” economy. It’s a player-driven economy for the most part. There are a few areas where an imbalance in ISK sources vs. sinks may be causing inflation at times (mostly in PLEX prices), but for the most part prices fluctuate in response to player demand.

There are a few forms of loot that have NPC buyers, and skillbooks and many blueprint originals are sold by NPCs, but prices are otherwise set by players. It’s certainly true that prices can vary widely and liquidity may be quite poor for some items, especially outside of Jita or another major trade hub. That’s not “broken”, however; it’s just a natural result of the costs and risks associated with creating a market in those items.

If I buy something in EVE for trade, not to use, then I’m assuming the risk of holding that item in inventory until I can find another buyer to sell it to for profit. My ISK will be tied up in inventory for all such items. If the market for those items is fairly liquid, then I may not have to wait long. Otherwise, I may need to wait a long time and/or move it to another location that is either more liquid or where I may be able to get a better price provided I can wait.

Regardless of whether items are bought/sold in trade hubs or out in the less populated regions of EVE, players are deciding what value those items have and how long they are willing to wait for either a purchase or sale to complete at an acceptable price. There is nothing broken about that, it’s just its occuring with lower liquidity than most people may be used to when compared to the real world.

There are real-world items that have roughly similar liquidity problems. Real estate is not a very liquid asset compared to stocks, government debt, or most corporate bonds. Private businesses also are hard to sell and are hard to value. Artwork, antiques, and other non-mainstream consumer items may either not be very liquid and/or may have a very wide buy/sell spread as well as being difficult to value. Jewelry is probably easier to value than art, but it also has a wide buy/sell spread due to inventory risk for the vendor.

It may be helpful to keep the above in mind before declaring that EVE’s economy is broken.


It’s broken in two ways IMO:

  1. The massive mining fleets in NS, legit or not, pretty much killed HS manufacturing and all related activities. You can still do it of course but you need to be a real masochist to play with those margins. So not only is trade a one way street now (NS to HS) but the prices are so low it renders competition null…cough
  2. Real world money…or RMT. The “chaos era” was a sign of that and I bet it’s a bigger issue than we know. The result is cheap ISK.

The actual ‘small picture’ economy is fine…it’s the big one that’s scary…IMO of course…

U are correct!
Im just disappointed, i feel like there is many easy fixes that would make the game much more playable.

We have way too many resources available for easy crab, just grind time!
Not much demand.
Also if different space would provide different resources more exclusively!

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There speaks someone who’s never had the dubious pleasure of working on old code written by someone else…

Thanks OP, a little shrill but generally accurate - but there those of us that stick around either for old times sake, or because Eve just happens to ‘do it’ for us - its a little -> je ne sais quoi

Have you ever tried sh*t?