What Eve is like for a new player

Yeah so? Did I say I wasn’t also an a hole?


Key binds without knowledge of tactics don’t mean a lot

Training all the skills by any means doesn’t make anyone a better player. The skills only allow access to hulls/mods/etc. The real improvement in piloting comes from experience. A two day-old character who spends real money to acquire the usual Tornado gank fit (I’ve seen a few of those) can and will be killed by a vet in a 40M frigate before he knows what is going on.

It may be difficult to see, because it is not fed to players via missions, but the living story is there, and the lore is rich and has its own website.

Knowledge is everything in Eve and that is very demanding on a new player, especially with this Chaos thing currently. It can indeed be very frustrating to die to ships you don’t even see on your Overview. But the Rookie Help channel is always available for answers.

I agree with you that “careers” is not the right word, they are not like professions or classes in other games, but rather activities you can combine to provide income. The game is not centered on making ISK, unless you want it to be. Instead you define your own goals and ambitions - perhaps the biggest challenge when starting out in our sandbox.

The game has always been subscription based. Perhaps ccp was too generous when designing the alpha clone, leading new players to wrong expectations. Alpha status is a glorified demo that takes months to play. Calling alpha pointless is harsh. When the first Emerging Conduit popped up I hooked up with a new buddy, fitted two drakes for mutual shield boosting and ran a few of these new anoms. It was exciting and successful, although our characters have around 3M skill points each (mine is an alpha clone).

Finding the right corp and the right people takes time and is very much based on luck. In 2011 I was mining in Pimebeka, greener than my pod fluid. A small fleet came in that helped me fight off a few rats. I was offered membership in their corp, joined and ended up living in nullsec for four incredible years, with more things going on than I could handle at times. Eve is not pve or pvp, it is a social interaction game foremost. If the public in one pub in the street doesn’t feel right for you, go to another and better one. Eventually you will find your spot.

An old ccp video, but still very true. Hoping you’ll give it another shot. o7
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Given the attitude you show in your OP, I’m not surprised.

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