What exactly is AWU?

Hello, I was looking for a way to decrease my powergrid on my miasmos for a better fitting. I came across some posts regarding AWU. What does this stand for? Is it a separate skill?


Once you get the skill Weapons Upgrades trained to 5 for the maximum bonus, it unlocks access to Advanced Weapons Upgrades for more training and more bonus. Also Advanced Weapon Upgrades is a prerequisite skill for some of the bigger weapons / bigger ships that use them.

I believe it’s under the Engineering category on the market and in your character sheet. You can type it in the search box and it should find it.

Advanced Weapon Upgrades isn’t going to help you with fitting Miasmos.

Use a tool like Pyfa - The Python Fitting Assistant to see how different skills and modules impact your fits. You should train Power Grid Management and CPU Management to level 5 early in your Eve career - they are core fitting skills.

If you still need additional power a low slot Power Diagnostic Unit will give you a modest boost to power, capacitor and shields. A reactor control unit, also low slot gives a larger boost to power or use a Medium Ancillary Current Router rig. There is also the “Squire” Power grid Management implant.

Last, but not least, if a large shield extender is causing your power problem, train the Shield Upgrades skill.

And also, industrial ships are technically the size of cruisers and use MEDIUM modules, but the majority of them have specifically-nerfed power grid, because the power grid is the limiting factor for fitting defenses (shields, armor), and CCP specifically wants industrial ships to be vulnerable (to suicide gankers and to PVP’ers in general).

So if you’re trying to put in as many Large (oversized) shield extenders as you have slots, that won’t work. Most fittings use one or two shield extenders, and fill the rest of the med slots with shield resistances (shield hardeners or shield resistance amplifiers).

Also if you’re trying to install a 50mn (medium) microwarpdrive, that probably won’t fit, also because of the specifically-nerfed power grid on the ship.

Otherwise, for increased power grid on all ships, the options have been listed above:

  1. Train the skill to 5.
  2. Use Reactor Control Unit, Micro Auxiliary Power Unit, or Power Diagnostic Unit in the low slots.
  3. Use (medium) Ancillary Current Router rigs in the rig slots.

Power grid and CPU are the main limiting stats for all ships (besides the slots they have), so CCP has them very tightly tuned on each ship, and only the options above for (slightly) increasing these stats.

thanks for the guidance, all of you, i appreciate it. its gonna take 9 days to get just one of the skills i need unlocked. so ill probably have that going while im out of town.


Didn’t CCP change that to 4 some years ago?

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