What game settings are best


Hi all

i have recently rejoined the Eve universe and much has changed. I wish to know which settings to use. i see some under client that gives option for DX 9 etc and download whole game. can anyone point me to page that describes them or there benefits?

i have a 35mb connection so it is good enough but card needs to run game on low detail to get flawless smooth gameplay and not to overheat GPU.

Ive recently encountered the game locking up as from yesterday morning and has been doing this for past 2 days non stop either every minute or every 10 min and lasts for 10-20 seconds. i cam move mouse just fine but its like its moving over a screen shot and nothing else moves. i had no issues previously and was working perfectly fine.

For those of you that know the best settings to have please can you advise me as i want to make a few changes and see if the issues are my end rather than client end.

thank you all for your help

(Steve Ronuken) #2

Ignore the DX 9 option if you can. It’s really just there for some people with marginal cards which technically support 11, but not really. Eventually it will go away.

The download everything option is to mean that instead of downloading assets when you need them, you get them all in advance.

I’d normally recommend turning that one on, if you can, rather than using download on demand.

(Lulu Lunette) #3

Under general settings on the right side, disable window blur. Also under graphics, disable anti aliasing. Just those two for me make the game run really well. I’ll turn on anti aliasing when going for that perfect screenshot.

(R-0-B-0-C-O-P) #4

DX9 has been listed as an option to try for people experiencing some stuttering issues in their client.

If you really want to narrow it down to what you can and can’t run, trying manipulating one setting at a time. Your results will depend on how many clients you’re running and what your specs are.



i was actually wondering how to run my main and alt at same time. my client does not seem to do this. how do i run both?

Thank you

(ISD Stall) #6

You should be able to add multiple accounts to the launcher. Just make sure that you tick the ‘Remember Account (insecure)’ check box. Then you should be able to click ‘Add Account’ and login with each account using the method mentioned above.
When you go to log in, you will have the details from your last account this is normal. Just put your new account in there and you should be good to go.

Once all of this is done, you should be able to click on each play button one by one, or toggle multi launch next to each account and click ‘launch all’.

(Steve Ronuken) #7

Just to be clear:

You can only run one character from an account at a time. You can run multiple accounts simultaneously. (Unless one is an alpha. The moment you have an alpha logged in, you are not permitted to have any other accounts logged in, regardless of account status. You’d have to log out to switch)

(Nunosh) #8

Hi Steve,

Could you please help to understand why can’t we have the 3 characters under the same account open at the same time? I know that if you have an omega+alpha you can (at least I talked yesterday with some one that was doing it)

The only plausible reason I found on this is to promote the sales of Omegas by CCP


(Duo Roman) #9

That only works if the alpha is playing from a different computer than the omega.

(lost packet) #10

You can’t have 3 characters on the same account open at the same time because, well they are on the same account and eve doesn’t work that way.

Also, you are only supposed to be able to run multiple clients at the same time if they have an active subscription. I believe circumventing how this works and trying to run two or more alpha accounts at the same time is a breach of the EULA.

(Steve Ronuken) #11

It’s just the way it’s always been.

Just like you can’t have multiple WoW characters open with only a single account payment

(Nunosh) #12

Many thanks Duo Roman, lost packet and Steve Ronuken :slight_smile:

(Sara Starbuck) #13

I dont actually know any game where you can log multiple chars from same account at once.

(JA RULER) #14

well thank you for answering the multiple account question. my thanks to you all.

With regards to optimal settings still. i have downloaded the full eve game and it sits at over 8 gigs in a zip file. do i move the zip folder to the EVE folder or try and find the other installer that it mentions? I think it should say instead place it to the eve folder?

when the game is downloaded and i am running from the full installation what other settings are optimal?

thank you

(Steve Ronuken) #15

It’s also, strictly, a EULA breach.

The person, not the computer is the licensed entity.

A person is only allowed to run multiple accounts at the same time, if they’re all Omega.

Will CCP do anything about it? Probably not. but it’d be within the EULA.

(Duo Roman) #16

Good to know!
In my oppinion, no one should be allowed to run multiple accounts at the same time, not even if they are all omega.
I know the chances of that happening are none though.

(JA RULER) #17

So if we can move away about multiple accounts and please move on to original topic that would be great.
I downloaded the full game but how do i know it? i unpacked in the eve folder but was that the right folder?

On top of this on the launcher i selected under options to download everything. I have seen it download a lot of stuff under that but which is it using or are they the same thing?

What are the best settings to have apart from the in game graphics being played with?

Thank you

(Nora Maldoran) #18

Are you referring to the launcher settings?
I feel like you make this overly complicated to be honest. Why messing around with the .zip-files and not just download the launcher from the website and let it do the rest over time when you don’t need your computer?

But here are “my” setting for the launcher:
client settings
Installation looks like that:
I guess have named the installation-folder manually when I installed it.

I’m currently on my notebook with very weak hardware. But I don’t think that really matters for the launcher…

Was this even what you wanted to know?