What graphics do i need

hi i normally use gtx 970 gpu to play this game but my psu broke down so i had to order a new one
in the meantime i am using a cheap psu and it cant run my gpu until my new psu turns up with enough power to run it
so right now i have intel 4600 hd graphics lmao
until my new psu turns up in the post
can i run this game on 4600 intel graphics

I barely run it on HD 3000, so you should be ok on low settings.

is it gonna mess up my interface on a low resolution or something
i dont wanna log in and get my whole interface screwed
last time my interface was messed with i nearly got electrocuted
alcohol + chainsaw + electricity = bad combo

the resolution won’t change unless you change it, so you’re safe in these regards.

ok ty

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