What happened to my character's name?

A long time ago, my character’s name was something like:

Minmetar Citizen #145352 (or something like this).

I actually really liked that name.

What happened? Why did it change back? Does this happen to anyone?

It changed back? Huh. I want to know why also…

Perhaps you did something to a group a players to make them all turn into a bunch of babies and cry to CCP to get your name banned because it offended them in some way.

In my experience all it really takes is enough people making reports about your name being offensive to them that you then got to have it changed. I guess you could make your own argument and submit a ticket and see if CCP agrees with you that the reports were unnecessary and that you were simply being made a target by very bitter and salty mass of players.

It might really just be an automated system that makes people change their names if enough players report it and then it is your responsibility to demand CCP reconsider and review, allow you to keep your name. It is very likely that eventually someone at CCP got a chance to see the reports and decided they were abused by players to force you to change your name and they reversed it in the end.

Because something like this has never happened before in this game…

People abusing crying to CCP to make changes and then getting them and eventually CCP deciding it was a bad idea to listen to them in the first place.

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