What happened to Plex for Good?

Just curious. It seems like CCP doesn’t do this anymore? I’m sitting on a ton of ISK that’s doing nothing and it’d be nice if some of it went to a worthy cause.

It only happens for rare major international disasters. Tsunamis, earthquakes in the third world, etc.

Unfortunately, it will probably be required again, so if you sit on that PLEX, you’ll eventually have the opportunity to donate it.

Im a worthy cause

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It’s still around, it’s just not a constant fundraiser.

We only run PLEX for GOOD drives in the wake of major natural disasters.


God bless

Give it to me. I am a very worthy cause.


I think we should do it once a year regardless pick a random charity like one for a children’s hospital in Iceland Maybe or helping people get water in Africa

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You could always donate the plex to me. Im always a good cause.

Give me your isk and i double it.

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