What happened to Project Aurora?

Hi. I know last year there was a bit of hype that CCP was working with a development group to create an EVE style like mobile app. I was wondering what happened to that project. I haven’t heard anything about it this then.

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I don’t remember there being any hype about it. Rather the opposite.

But to answer your question, we haven’t really heard anything about it since EVE Vegas. I expect if we’re going to hear anything new it will be at FanFest.

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PlayRaven is currently working with CCP on an original F2P mobile game set in the EVE universe which is set for release in a limited number of territories in the near future, ahead of a full launch later in 2018.

Nothing yet.


ah. Thanks!

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CCP jumped to a system where none of the planets had magnetic fields, so… no auroras there.

Cancelled SOONtm

It was codenamed Project Aurora but the real name was announced about a week ago. It is called Eve Online: War of Ascension and they are now on the various social media. https://venturebeat.com/2018/04/11/ccps-project-aurora-is-eve-war-of-ascension/amp/

And to those of you underwhelmed by it or saying it will suck or die soon need to understand the PC and Mobile gaming communities are very different. There are plenty of former Eve players Ike myself who played Eve 10 years or more across multiple accounts and are just done with PC gaming. Maybe we’re just too busy or just like the convience of being mobie and leaving our mother’s basements once in a while, or whatever. Most of the mobile games out there are not good but we make do. Many of us have been hoping for Eve to have a mobile game for more than 5 years so get over yourselves and go back to station spinning.

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I dont understand one thing tho, why the letters and digits are so small in that mobile game. Its completely unreadable in that state and dont even make me start on the precision of touching it with fingers, because even when my fingers are smooth, fairly thin and delicate, I think I would have difficult time playing it.

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It’s probably just because it’s an early showing of the game. PlayRaven makes other mobile games so I’m sure they will address that. As for the playability we don’t know much yet other than it is specifically designed for mobile and it uses the hex concept so it should be just fine.

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My bad it is called Eve: War of Ascension minus the “Online”. I’m splitting hairs but that’s my OCD

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Ok but when will be realese??

Actually Project Aurora will be realesed this year. Anyway thay have little presintation about it at Fanfest.

This yeara, they say the same thing in 2017.
Month Day? How long we must wait?
Maybe some new screenshots? Some piece of soundtrack?
What about the ppl who weren’t on fan fest. Why WE can’t play on beta game?

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