What happens if you disconnect when P.A.N.I.C is active?


Since you’ve felt that you need to activate it you’re probably under attack and thus is affected by a timer that prevents your ship from being logged out; the duration of the timers very depending on which one it is. Read more on timers here.

Wait sry, its not panic i wanted to know about but industrial core. I’ve never flew a rorqual but what happens if you disconnect with industrial core active? Does the game turn it off and wait for one cycle, recall drone and then warp off or does it stay there forever since the core is active?


Sadly I wouldn’t know what happens either; because I haven’t flown a Rorq nor do I get disconnects often enough to “reliably” test such a thing.

it happened several times to me
when you log back in, your drones are in your cargo, but you are in warp to the exact place where you disconnected, with your indy core still active.

if it’s anything like a normal DC the game probably does nothing for 4 mins and then tries to recall drones, shut off active mods, then emergency warp and disappear your ship after whatever timers count down. That said the core might make the emergency warp fail so the ship might just sit in space wherever it was till timers end up running down.

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