What happens if your warp drive breaks while you are in warp?

Do you just keep going forever? Would anyone be able to save you?

Warp disruption fields (bubbles) do that, in which case you stop.


Dammit Ronnie.

I was going for

“we don’t know if it’s even possible for that to happen; and if it is, nobody has survived to tell us”


But I wish in the game you could drop out of warp at any time. At least with maybe a particular ship or with a certain drive system.:kick_scooter:

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Anyway, I have lost consciousness during the warp, but it was safe. (Down-Time)

If you are in need, contact support for assistance.
It should have been about stacks in game play support.

If you fly minmatar long enough, you’ll find out…


Probably just crash back into real space catastrophically as the subspace bubble collapses without you having slowed down to more survivable speeds. kind of like the difference between diving into water from a reasonable height, vs slamming into it at terminal velocity. no warp drive to create drag and slow you down, no warp bubble, means you slamming into real space like its a concrete wall as normal physics force you from multiple au/s down to more relativistic speeds instantly.

Many people have just stopped playing Eve in recent years… or so we thought. What if this has happened to each of them and we are unable to to make or receive contact because they are too far away? Maybe a patch to sort this out in a beoing 738 stylee?


I agree with Dilligafmofo.
If we manage to relocate the broken warpdrive victims from recent years and pull them back from whatever “dimension” they found themselves in, we should be able to hit 50 -60K players daily again.
It will also be nice for them and good for science.
So yeah… I think the OP is on to something here


When it breaks, the bubble breaks, and you drop out of warp. Anyone believing that there aren’t a ton of failsafes built in hopefully isn’t an engineer.

You implode and get squeezed out to Star Citizen’s universe.


If the warp engine breaks down and isn’t working the warp bubble dissipates and you just drop out of warp. You wouldn’t keep traveling in bubble that the engine is not still generating.
It’s, almost, the same as if your car engine breaks down, you just stop moving and have to fix it to continue onwards.

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This happens

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You can do this already:

  1. Run your capacitor flat before warping.
  2. Alt b while mid warp to make a bookmark at that location and warp back to it after.

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