What happens when pos's get removed?

What happens to small groups with super’s once pos’s are removed btw? Can they tether/dock to normal structures or only Keepstar’s? Will only super large coalitions be able to hold supers? I have absolutely no idea of any of this hence why the questions :smiley: any info would be great thanks guys.

You assume CCP has thought that far ahead…

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Once POSes are removed the legacy code will reach critical mass and become self aware and instead of starting a global thermonuclear war it will troll EVE players by converting EVE into a vanilla WoW server. :smiling_imp:


A few years ago CCP decided small groups no longer mattered in this game.

CCP added command desi’s to the game not so long ago, which is great for small group’s also logi frig’s and so on, would be silly not to include all aspect’s of player’s i’m sure CCP cares about small groups.

Will they actually get removed?

I thought their plan was by attrition.

Read it somewhere, can’t for the life of me remember where but I’m 80% sure CCP confirmed it was there plan to eventually get rid of pos’s.

Once posses are removed someone else gets your stuff.

When posses are removed, we’ll long for the days of the 10 hour downtime patch day (aka today)… because we’ll have 10 day outages instead of 10 hour outages. FEAR.

POS removal is just a myth propagated by fools for the last 5 years…

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