What happens

what happens to all the salvage and loot after big battles as you can’t have salvage ships there well the battles raging so what happens?

It despawns?

Wrecks and abandoned drones de-spawn after 2 hours in space.

Some crafty players loot and salvage mid battle as long as they are not party to the war


Well, I often loot and even salvage mid battle, but my ship rarely survives. There’s always a backside…
In medium sized battles like evictions, there’s times with less action where the bold can start looting, but they belong to the winning team, else they get evaporized soonly.

In highsec this might work, but anywhere else 3rd party players are considered hostile in an NPSI (not purple → shoot it) environment.

I rarely salvage. The best strategy is to wait for the action to subside. Then bookmark using locations the salvage you want to go after. You should also (when possible) have a distant point bookmarked as well. The method would be;

    • undock from station
    • warp to far point
    • warp to salvage
    • align to station and salvage as fast as possible in a disposable ship
    • warp to station dock

The place I might attempt this would be Ahbazon or other gate often camped.

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I know just want to know how corps respond to these battles

preaty smart idea but it would be a hell to try

If it’s safe, the winner takes it all. Some don’t care about salvaging though, they just grab the loot which can be quite nice when fighting blinky ships.

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so drop like 5 mtus and your good?

Dropping multiple mtus unless properly spaced doesnt work. They would fight over wrecks

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I remember a battle once where someone ninja-salvaged a titan wreck… apparently they drop a silly amount of armour plates, like billions of ISK worth (and not even the t2 “intact” version), I doubt he was even able to carry them all…

This was not appreciated and he was blacklisted from that alliance for life.

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