What I expect to see in Vanguard

Classes. Consider BF: Vietnam. Yes, not the most popular. However, do some cheap classes. Medic, Heavy Gunner, Infantry, Supply. Give each class a minor boost in a specific area. No need to go all-in on RPG classes since CCP defines it as a “module”.

Armor tanking. Shield tanking. Weapon Upgrades. Non-persistent. This keeps in line with the clone angle being a cheaply manufactured bio-synthetic life form. They don’t get the good stuff, ever, unless it is scavenged from the battlefield. Interstellar Neoliberal Capitalist Warfare done on the cheap as only an Amarrian MBA could love.

Orbital Space Bombardment. Yes. By completing objectives and gathering resources? Earn a low planetary orbital space bombardment from that Raven Navy Issue. Or a Titan. Pure Grid Square Annhilation of enemy clones. Lasers… vaporize. Railguns or Arty? Mushroom Clouds from Hi-Speed Impact… think Rods from God. Missiles? Blast wave.

Edit: Mercenary Companies. Allow clones to form Merc Corps that allow for point gains. Points would be spent on some cheap upgrades that provide a little advantage on the battlefield. Or, maybe it is a bad idea that would be subject to abuse? Well, it would be in-line with corporations in Eve already.

The maps are more than adequate for 40 v 40. Probably do well with a 50 v 50 or even 4 teams of 25. With maps that large? Should fit a lot of clones.

Split the game from its current Battle Royale Extraction Camper FPS into distinct lobbies for specific playstyles. And do please include Camper Mode for people who love shooting campers crouching in corners… Even Pre-Beta, Vangaurd has perfected Camper Mode.

Camper Mode: Earn points by camping the objective as a clone soldier. Prevent other clone soldiers from achieving their objectives. The longer you stay alive, camping the objective? Points accumulate and greater the rewards. Or, kill the campers for victory points. Lose points by dying to campers. Gain points and resources by killing the campers. The longer a camper has camped the objective? The more resources are dropped by killing the clone camper. Complete objectives for extra bonuses.

Put a timer on Camper Mode. That will really turn it into an frenzied orgy of FPS goodiness of Clone-on-Clone violence.

As for other modes? HALO does it by providing different modes - capture the flag, be first team to 100 kills (where enemy bodies give mats as is already done), capture the flag, return mats to designated area, etc. HALO devs did it right.

Get rid of the enemy location aides such as the turrets that alert everyone on the ground and in low planetary orbit of a player’s position. Excessive tracer fire - reminds me of the live fire exercises on the range… done AT NIGHT with tracer rounds. Ever have to expend 35,000 rounds of various caliber ammo in 12 hours in a night fire exercise? Your Caldari State Government ISK at work.

Clone soldiers don’t need that much assistance in finding enemy clones. The only thing left above that is actually making it mandatory that all clones appear on the map to all other clones with beams of neon light shining down from the heavens spotlighting every player on the map. Instead of coddling the clone soldiers with all that location aide, trash the aides.

An excellent example of an extraction game (that was not mandatory) is WoW Classic. Alterac Valley. By completing the objectives, NPC’s were summoned that aided your team in destroying the other team. Ah, the good old days of a 17 hour AV battle. Fun times.

And what is it with those crates that take forever to open while exposed, out in the open? That’s is just a headshot and early clone death and CTRL-ALT-DEL out of Vanguard.

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Its called an objective, you’re supposed to be vulnerable while you loot them, thats the PvP part of this PvPvE extraction shooter

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