What is a Sisters of EVE Industrial Station?

One thing is for sure: That thing blocks my screen movement when I try to use the Radial menu. I have to click something else to release that lock.

Only some people see it, scanning is not possible for some people, etc.

Its CCP trying to stealth-buff goons space.

ive seen this myself…in highsec…

On one of my characters salvage tabs, it was not there pre-patch…

I spotted this station (or a second one perhaps?) briefly in Chaven (an Amarr starter system) but it disappeared after a few minutes

Me too, in Conoban system, thought its a glitch! :roll_eyes:

Edit: i tried to dock in but my ship started to approaching a gate, the station was only a “ghost”.

It’s where indies build new Sisters.

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Scramble the lore community!

Jita 4-4

The lore was quite amazing at one time. It was one reason I remained an EVE bittervet. The lore is also why I keep asking for the Quafe/Pleasure Station Gallente station background to come back now that WiS is dead.


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