What Is/Are The Best Ways To Kill Time In EVE?

I Wanna Waste My Time In EVE, But Roadtripping Is Boring, So What Should I Do?

Sit in station and spin your favorite ship.


That’s Boring.

You are already doing it.

Hanging out in the forum. It’s way more fun than actually logging in and playing.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


farm DEN in HS

Wasting time in EvE?!

Find another game perhaps?!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Get into a Catalyst and shoot a miner. Watch the fireworks, embrace the chaos you started and listen to their screams


Play DOTA2, PUBG or WOW.

Does it stil have the spin counter???

Yes it does

Go into wormhole space.

Buy plex.
Buy hauler.
Buy cargo expanders
Put 500 plex in cargo
Make a roadragetrip.


Set an “impossible” goal, like unifying all of EVE under 1 single Alliance?, and start working towards it… you now have years to waste


Gather the resources to build the Palatine Keepstar and see if you can make it sooner than StarCitizen releases :smiling_imp:

Wardec a random corp

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Set a “quirky” goal … like suspect bingo.

Gear up for next event. Fast ship? Fast tackler? Unfitted fast ship? Armed fast ship? Only you will know. Then cruise various Crimson Harvest combat sites in hisec next week, and annoy every suspect you find.

It is unclear if accelerator BPCs will drop from mining sites, so competition for BPCs dropped in combat could be intense. Lock every suspect you see - or possible suspect - then fill in bingo card(s) based on what happens next. Use your imagination but maybe set 9 targets per bingo card? eg

Card 1. They laugh. Or cry. Curse. Threaten. Stay silent. With bonus points for different languages.

Card 2. You point someone. Or shoot them. Chase. Get shot at. Or harassed by offsider. Or take loot yourself.

Card 3. You point someone in combat site. Mining site. Two systems in constellation. Three constellations in a region. Four regions in Empire.

Card 4. You get mentioned in local. Or via private convo. Get rude email. Or called out in event channel. Or glory of glories - a thread on these forums.

wouldn’t be much of a challenge unless you’re limited to only using the Rookie corvette and only using it’s civilian miner.

You gankers need to go outside sometimes roflmao

I’m a lot outside really. But when I’m inside playing a game I want to have fun and blow up some stuff

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Combat exploration in HS, you get to chill and make (for high sec) really good isk.