What is Bushido in game?

I have seen “Bushido” and “Bushido Code” mentioned on the forums, but haven’t found a clear description. Does anyone know where I could learn more about this?

I have not heard of an Eve specific version of the code, though one may exist. The only Bushido I do know is this one:

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Bushido is sometimes used in a derisive manner when talking about a player archetype that considers e-war, outnumbering, gatecamping, multiboxing, kiting, Garmurs, implants, supers etc. “unfair” gameplay elements. Such players feel entitled to 1v1 fights where both parties are flying the exact same fit of the same ship, and believe they have a moral high ground to those who don’t deliver it to them. It can also come up in a conversation where someone makes a point of not using ECM because it’s “not fair”.

see also: e-bushido

Another place where Bushido is more Eve specific terminology is when it’s used to describe wormhole group RoE. Many wormhole groups feel reluctant to evict other, weaker wormhole groups if they can deliver a fight when they roll into their home. Evicting such groups could lead to long-term content starvation for the stronger group. This kind of behavior has come to be known as the “wormhole bushido”, and many WH corporations make a point of following it.

see also: wormholer btw


Thanks for the clarification. I had heard it most often used with wormhole groups.

Traditional bushido would find implementation in capsuleer RP culture (and EVE gameplay in general) as being a “walking corpse”, i.e. one with complete indifference to their own survival in service of a greater purpose.

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Are there any great lords that are truly worthy of retainers?

(E-)Bushido, usually, is what losers, who require competition to be “fair/honourable/whatever”, talk about.

In real life those people die to those who best them, making it impossible for them to whine about how something was “unfair”. They’re dead. End of Story. Evolution. ■■■■ yeah!

In virtual reality, though, these people don’t actually die and thus can whine about how things are “unfair”, when in reality they just sucked. Pretty much the opposite of how evolution works.


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I read somewhere here that “If you find yourself in a fair fight, you’re doing it wrong !”.

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E-Bushido is LARP. Live Action Roleplay. Where the players pretend to be good honourable citizens.

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In fairness “my controls weren’t working” is a valid reason for why you might lose a fight- I actually had that happen to me and is the reason I lost a dual rep Ponti.

This particular loss of mine was primarily because after taking gate, my modules- and ship- did not respond to any commands for a good 60-80 seconds, and it was only after I was already taking fire and scrammed that everything started working again.

However, I also don’t think I would have managed to kill both the Coercer and the Drake had all commands been correctly received and executed. Probably I could have bagged the Coercer, and then maybe deaggressed from the Drake and taken gate in an attempt to escape. Maybe. Ideally.

At the very least I like to think I would have gone through a lot more cap booster charges (and also gotten to chug my drugs).

Though this rather highlights my counterpoint to that particular note; that control malfunction can cause a loss, but it is only one- admittedly sometimes significant- factor in why you may or may not have lost a given fight.

That said said Ponti loss did mean that I got to see the hilarity of slowboating to gate in my pod, surviving in 2% armor and managing to gate out and warp off to a safe. Which was admittedly pretty funny.

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I don’t think anyone would dispute that a genuine loss of control is an excuse for invalidating the result of a contest of skill.

It’s the use of the reason whether it applies or not because you feel that if you lost, some reason other than your lack of skill must exist that makes one a ‘scrublord’.


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