What is eve online

i pay 15€ per month for i can play this game but i need to farming 5h for i can buy a ship t2 fitted basic !!!
or i can use again my credit card of course …

Poors disgust me.


poor people are people who like to give everything.

Don’t fly 0.5 bill worth of trash if you cant afford it…

If you need to farm 5 hours for a t2 fit ship, then you are clearly doing something wrong. Like making money in highsec


Really? Live the life of a saint knight of Providence and contract me all your stuff.

then use it

What is eve online ? In this case it’s a mentoring program. It teaches people to make the right choices, in an unforgiving way. Right now it’s telling you you’re about to make a big mistake and that you’re not ready to fly a basic fitted t2 ship.


Btw. You don’t need to.


There are lots of people in real life who would like to drive a Mercedes (or other luxury vehicle) but their skills and experience aren’t sufficient to earn the income needed to pay for it. Eve models that aspect of life quite well! It takes time to master the skills needed to generate the income that will let you fly, and occasionally lose, ships costing hundreds of millions or billions of ISK. If you don’t want to get involved in the wealth creation aspects of the game, you will need to use your credit card.


Very well put!

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5 h for a T2 ship…you either do something wrong to grind 5h for a t2 frig or you almost decent 5h for a t2 bs.

eve online is a game and game-server-workstation (PCWS) / game-client (GC/CQ) type online gaming environment where a player interact with one or more players inside the game by the use of some common and commonly known interface methods. The game world is non-realistic and assumes that players act like grown-ups, other players act like kids, etc. The background of the game world is the planet which players will explore, and a large portion of the game content consists of urban and space centers, agriculture, various ships, stations, industry, and a myriad of other elements that may or may not exist on the same world or may be completely independent of the planet. The non-game play

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T1 frigs are more fun anyways.


Eve online is like a girlfriend you share a lease with only now she hates you and gained 100 lbs and refuses to move out.


That’s probably because you don’t really know any.

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Put that 15€ a month into something with a return

Well that’s pretty dumb though, isn’t it?

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