What is the best way to move my ore?

Hi guys,

I am a week into the game and have just started mining jaspet. The ore is more valuable than veldspar, but I need to move the ore from where I mine to trade hub to get a good price.

There is a lot of margin to play with compared to selling in the station I mine it at, so it would be great if I can get someone else to haul it for me for a good fee.

What are your thoughts on this? Does anyone know a good price to offer in a public courier contract to have someone haul my ore for me?

Is there a corporation I should contact instead that specializes in hauling?

I have a second account but I don’t really want to use it to haul, I would basically have to do 2 trips an hour of about 18 jumps. I would prefer to spend my time learning combat on the second account.

I could go back to veldspar which I can just sell for a good price right in the system I mine in, but feels like a backward step!

but is paying someone else tp haul eat up the difference between the jaspet price and the veldspar price?

You can create courier contracts for others to pick up in order to move your ore - that’s probably the simplest way if you don’t want to lug it around yourself.

No I don’t think so.

Veldspar is selling for about 107 / m3
Jaspet is selling for about 220 / m3

Thats a lot of margin to play with.

I am new though, so I am sure I have some gotchas to experience

Great thanks. Do you know any resources to help calculate prices for contracts? I have no idea what to offer!

Try Red Frog.

Magic thanks!

Here is everything I have found so far, for anyone else who ends up here:

Join the “Haulers Channel” chat in game, full of great resources.

Base Rate Calculator: Haulers Channel - Base Rate Calculator
Pushx Haulers Quote: https://www.pushx.net/
Red Frog Haulers Quote: https://red-frog.org/

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