What is the counter to nano Cynabels?

I encountered a fleet of 20 Cyns last night instant warping between pings (with intys making continuous new pings) rolling up, doing an alpha blast (while aligning) and warping to the next ping.

I tried going around in my helios making inbetween bookmarks and then undocking a nano + cloaky dictor and putting down surgical bubbles, but the enemy inties provided new makeshift pings.

Our local FC said the counter was “deny them content,” which…sadly…worked…lol.

Eventually we sieged a couple of HAW dreads on the gate and I got in a long point bricked fit proteus but the few Cyns I caught simply burned out of the long point before the dreads could lock.

I guess a few brick Loki’s arty smashing the pointed Cynabel would work, but I coulldn’t find anyone willing to undock in one.

I think the HAW dreads caught two or three Cyns over the course of an hour and that was after I docked the proteus (from what I heard on comms the Cyns were getting brazen and staying on grid a little longer then they should have).

its been awhile since ive flown a cynabal. From memory the cyna has a gaping thermal & em holes in its shield and it always felt like its made of paper to me…Post nerf even more so I would imagine. These were arty fit ?

Im no expert… Either flying big blobs of dcotrines or small ragtag gangs. But they had a doctrine and knew how to use it to full effect.

Spit balling here but Id try field arty seebo nados packing faction phased plasma id try to alpha them off the field for much cheaper than lokis. Thats if they would land on grid after you did that.

It sounds like their docrtine and Fc worked really well together and they really knew what they were doing. They just cant stay on grid as exemplified by the ones that died. They established field dominance and had the inties to keep their mobility. Idealy you’d have to try and pop the inties to remove the mobility then reposition and re-work on the bubbles.

Unless you had the doctrine and the numbers to hand there aint a lot you can do if the enemy fleet gets the initiative so not feeding them is the next best tactical choice IMO.


:red_circle: The counter are more ships with longer range weapons and lock range. Feroxes work nicely. Harbingers, too. Technically long range webs from Huginns/Rapiers, but they would probably not be able to tank. MJD destroyer BS close range fleets might also be an idea as the BS can lock far enough and the TD can bring the BS in range repeatedly. Hard to pull off and PH would probably fail at that, but a nicely coordinated bomb run on a stop bubble on their next gate or a juicy target “on its own” (would not even need a bubble, I guess) could wipe them.

Pretty good idea actually. A pack of Crows/Claws/Ares should do the trick.

Believe it or not, these guys warped in at perfect optimals … and I’m quite sure with max TC tracking scripts + metastasis rigs. They were popping inties wizzing by at 90 degrees!

The closest I came to popping their malediction was in a higgs fit corm (meme build) perched near one of their pings.

:red_circle: Lots of Celestii to reduce their lock range to nothing or Arbitrators to reduce their tracking/range could probably help as well. Both ships should be able to lock far enough to outrange the Cynabals.

They don’t stay on grid.

They warp in for a moment, start aligning as soon as they land, lock up one target, let off a single volley, and warp off.

By the time any TD’s/damps hit them, they already warped. That’s why I was trying to long point with a brick fit fast-lock proteus.

I would stop thinking about how to handle them while they’re on field, and start thinking about preventative measures. Long range nano gangs are meta because they are difficult to deal with.

A couple suggestions;-

  • Pull a Rooks and Kings style pipe bomb on them when you know they’re coming. This will prevent them even getting to your system with the bonus of killing all of them within seconds.
  • High armor tank with remote reps, sit on the gate, use rapiers/huginns (armor tanked and remotely repped) to stop them getting too far away. This will allow you to kill a few of them, and may put them off coming back.
  • Note that all options here require you having pre-warning of them coming, if they are titan bridging I can’t think of a counter unless you start using remote sensor boosted sniper battleships… Apocs?

the answer is “bubbles” .
anchored bubbles , dictor bubbles , hic bubbles …
what do i win ?

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Nope. Inties make new tacs around gate.

hic with bubble up, they’re not warping to your gang then except at the range you have chosen (bubble range) field some webs like a huginn… and obviously some dps; watch them leave system.

I like this idea. Ty.

Instant locking arty fit gnosis backed up with assigned sentries from domi.

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