What is the gate in the trailer

I know there’s eve gate but what is the gate in profercy trailer?
It’s blast a wave of emp across the battle field…
What happen?
What is that gate and why the empire try to stop it?
What beyond the gate?
Who’s create the gate?
Why Legion is shut down?
Why I have so many questions???


Where is the jove
Who is the queen?
What is drifter and the weird scanning ship?
What is the trig ship?

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The trailer in question:

Also relevant:
I guess we could change that to just 4 years to make this accurate again.

But I don’t know much about the lore. So there might have been hints or explanations there in the meantime.


The fancy combat suit guy/girl are dead and burried this trailer is just a grave marker

at the time there was lots of talk , from seagull , about player made stargates.

it was CCP-Fanfest-Bullshite™(see below) as a lot of us correctly predicted
which in general is good to bear in mind when being shown something massive and spangly by ccp at or shortly after fanfest.
to be clear now, im not calling them liars, or saying they’re full of it, but they are rather … ambitious with their presentations
and for a lot of reasons we often never endup with what was initially envisioned.

In order

#1 Awesome flashy life changing promises of all your hopes and dreams.
Never going to happen

#2 Awesome flashy life changing promises of all your hopes and dreams With concept art
Might get a dev blog out in six months about why half the community lost their minds so they’re not going to do it.

#3 Awesome flashy life changing promises of all your hopes and dreams with concept art and accompanying devblog
You might see this on sisi some day

#4 Awesome flashy life changing promises of all your hopes and dreams, accompanying devblog, concept art, road map and some very much worried sounding CSM members
Actually be on sisi in like six months
May not see it on tq.

#5 is on sisi now and everyone hates it
This will be coming.


Yeah I agree with what Ralph said above. Player made stargates were apparently going to be a thing and yet they haven’t happened. They however are still a thing I guess that is going to happen at one point.

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when the trailer was made that still something ccp said was very far off

more likely it was just another dropped story thread CCP loves

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It leads to a wannabe upscale community with McMansions and ridiculous HOA rules.

–Gadget is almost certain


The Gate is the Door.


The real question is “What happend to that Titan?”

Precursor to player-made gates

It activated.

A gate to another section of space. The empire wanted to stop it caues of a prophecy.

A new world.

Drekkar alliance.

EMP wave.

Because your mother dropped you on the head when you were 3.

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Dead/dying in jove space.

There is no queen.

Drifters are guys who escaped the construct. The scanning ship is their scout.

Another faction that was discovered to exist in abyssal space.

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CCP used to make “vision” trailers for fanfest presentations for some years. They represent more the wet dreams of ccp devs than actual gameplay and they allways stated so.

Another example from a time when walking in stations and dust514 where still a thing:

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Oh thats cool. So if i wanted to, i couldve just gone up to a guy and shot him in the face if he was annoying me in the station? Damn, wish CCP had implimented this vision.

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If WiS would have been more than an Avatar Aquarium… And Dust 514 a bit more like Planetside 2, who knows what could have happened :wink:


Yeah we couldve gotten rid of those station traders real easily.

If only.

Dust was a pisspoor fps even on that console generation and I really really wanted it not to be.
I loved the idea of integration , however obfuscated , I still love the art assets and the whole thing had a fantastic mood and premise.
Such a shame the mechanics sucked.

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The idea to connect EVE with Dust was pretty cool. But as history tells, it didn’t work out so well. And I’m still sad my captains quarter is gone. :expressionless:
Now I have high hopes that CCP has learned from it and does it better with Project Nova*

We will see.

*Link to sign up for the newsletter about it.

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i was just recently going thru CCP on YouTube and didn’t see this. Such great lore in EVE but Valkyrie has been stated to never get integrated with EVE but probably possible to change. I have it downloaded since I didn’t need to get VR to play anymore but haven’t touched it in a long while, being more a fan of FPS with a trooper instead of air/space craft. The game can be fun in certain moments but doesn’t give me as much inspiration as the FPS set in EVE does. Any time I think or watch an EVE video I have ideas how the two games can connect to feel like a single universe on both platforms ( when dust 514 was on ps3 ) Though knowing someone in EVE shot the orbitals it was just a glorified “air” strike.

I enjoy a lot of immersion. Or at least the ability to make player cinematic’s, Fortnite’s replay system and emote interaction have been fun for that. But some features of the cinematic I would enjoy having in Nova. Future vision has the simple slide to crouch, even America’s Army: Proving Grounds has this little but fun feature, slide kills cause everyone goes for the head-shot. The First Glimpse video kinda as short intros to even high sec battles just to have the merc feel like you’re actually moving in space to a new system instead of just boom into a new match. Of course have the options to skip them. I’m thinking something kinda like the original Star Wars Battlefront’s zoom in loading screen for whatever reason.

But another long post of random Project Nova thoughts.

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